Pokémon SS, Chapter 8

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    Has she gone mad, you ask? Yes. Is she insane, you ask? Yes. Oh well, it's spwing bweak time and I thought I'd not leave y'all hanging with no chapters for a week, so I'll give you this. Team Rocket's abound here. Not the typical Jessie and James stuff, too, but actual things with Giovanni. It's good, I promise. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or telling the truth.

    The Pelliper that had eaten the bad Tentacool a few days earlier had, unfortunately, passed away from food poisoning. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual story.

    Giovanni sat at his desk, reading the progress report e-mails on his computer. The screen’s brightness was a little too low for his tastes. He’d have to fix that.
    Executive Juliet reported excellent progress being made on Project Tribo, as well as a breakthrough on Project Orthan. The details for both were in an attached file, and he brought it up.
    After reading the details, Giovanni went through Executive Stein’s progress reports. Team Magma was, apparently, much more influential than he had thought. Team Aqua was, likewise, more powerful than he’d anticipated. The two field operatives Juliet had sent were, “incompetent and lethargic; a disgrace to Team Rocket.”
    “Jessie and James,” Giovanni muttered. “I’ve about lost patience with them.”
    None of the other Executives had much to report. Shutting down his computer, he left the room to go change into a different suit. He was scheduled to have lunch with a representative from Team Aqua and one from Team Magma. It wasn’t for anything formal, just an opportunity to put some Rocket pressure on them.
    Persian growled a bit in its sleep and batted at the air as Giovanni walked by.

    The restaurant, a small, out of the way Italian place in Vermillion, had been totalled. Both Archie and Maxie had shown up with a small contingent of Aqua and Magma operatives and had tried to kill Giovanni. Giovanni was, however, no fool, and dozens of Rockets swarmed the Aqua/Magma alliance.
    The battle had, however, been violent, and Giovanni had taken a Spike Cannon hit from an Aqua member’s Cloyster. Giovanni was being taken to a Rocket hospital, and the Rocket paramedics were sure that Giovanni’s injuries weren’t severe.
    An Executive by the name of Thompson had, however, taken the opportunity to alert Executive Stein that this operation would probably leave the Aqua and Magma bases in Lilycove undermanned. The window of opportunity was, at last report, a matter of several hours. Stein had smiled at this.

    Jessie and James were, needless to say, thoroughly confused with their orders. To their knowledge, Team Rocket just didn’t do attacks on rival Teams’ headquarters. Nevertheless, the order had originated with Giovanni himself, and was given through an Executive, so they intended to go through with them when the time came.
    Meowth crawled through the air ducts towards what he hoped was Stein’s office. Jessie had told him to see about Stein’s actual orders, and Meowth was the only one of the three small enough to crawl through air ducts.
    “You can come out into the open,” Stein said, his accent thick. “I could hear you for the past ten minutes.”
    Meowth’s blood suddenly got a lot colder in his veins.
    “If you come out now,” Stein said, “nothing will happen to you. If you make me get up, you’ll find that quite the opposite will be true.”
    Trembling, Meowth opened the air vent and crawled out. Stein walked over to him and simply said, “Tell Jessie and James not to do this again.”
    With that, Stein picked up Meowth and tossed him gently out of his office. Taking a second to rub his temples from the frustration at dealing with Jessie and James, he then paged all Rocket members who were to take part in the operation.
    “Division One, prepare leave in ten minutes for the attack on the Team Magma base. Division Two, prepare leave in fifteen minutes. Division Three, twenty minutes. Attacks will be exactly five minutes apart and five minutes long.
    “Division Four, prepare leave in ten minutes for the attack on the Team Aqua base. Division Five, prepare leave in twenty minutes. Division Six, thirty minutes. Attacks will be exactly ten minutes apart and ten minutes long.”
    With all that being said, Stein sat down in his chair and relaxed. Other Executives, like Juliet or Thompson, would prefer to take part in the mission themselves to ensure that things went right. Stein, however, had a lot more faith in the men and women under his command. With the exception of Jessie and James, who Juliet had quite shamelessly pawned off on him, they were the finest Rockets he could ask for.
    He’d have to get back at Juliet for sending him Jessie and James.

    “So we’re really doing this?” James asked.
    “Aqua base, ten minutes, Aqua base, ten minutes,” Meowth repeated to himself in an effort to remember it.
    “I guess,” Jessie said slowly, as if she was unsure. “Although I don’t know. I mean, I’d feel a lot better if we were trying to steal the twerp’s Pikachu, like in the good old days.”
    A black-clad Rocket member interrupted any reply by James or Meowth by clapping Jessie hard on the shoulder and saying, “Hey you three, we’re moving out.”
    Jessie and James got up and followed the Rocket member all the way to the Aqua base. Most of the other Rockets did the bulk of the work, and Jessie and James were relegated to the task of watching out for any Aqua members attacking from the rear.
    “Hey, you two,” one Rocket called, “get over here.”
    “Us?” James said, pointing at himself.
    “Yes!” The other shouted, impatient. “Just take a look at this.”
    James walked over and looked at the data the other Rocket was referring to. At first he didn’t get what it meant—it was just the names of all the Executives and Rocket Elites, nothing to get excited about. Then, he realised that that much detailed information in the hands of Team Aqua was something serious indeed.
    “Yeah, amazing innit?” The Rocket said, seeing James’ look. He copied the data to a disk and handed it to James. “Make sure this gets to Stein.”
    James took it, looked at it funnily, and pocketed it. “Yeah, sure.”
    “Wow,” Meowth said as James walked back. “You actually got a good job for once.”
    “Hmph,” Jessie said. “I never get the good jobs.”

    It was, ironically, one of the scientists from the Mewtwo Project that actually figured out Tribo’s main problem. Once he found that, the rest of the Rocket scientists were able to solve it easily.
    There was a knock at the door. Juliet pressed a button on her keyboard and an image of Ryan taken by the security camera outside her door popped up on the screen. Ryan knocked again.
    “Oh, what the heck?” Juliet thought to herself. Although she wasn’t tired in the least, she laid her head down on her desk and feigned being asleep. Might as well have some fun with Ryan.
    The sound of the door unlocking surprised Juliet—she hadn’t realised it was locked, and Ryan didn’t have the clearance to unlock it. She kept up her act regardless.
    “Stop that,” Ryan said. “You’re not fooling me.”
    “Darn,” Juliet muttered as she sat up. She did a double take upon seeing Ryan’s uniform. Almost completely black, with dark purple trim and a crystalline-blue R on the chest. The shirt came down past the waist and roughly a third of the way to the knees, and there was a black leather belt around his waist, where two pokéballs could be seen.
    So Ryan was now a Rocket Elite. Things weren’t good at all.
    “You came here to just show off your promotion?” Juliet asked. “Or do you have an actual purpose?”
    Ryan smirked. Juliet ought to know she was outranked. “Oh, I have a purpose. Been looking at the fund allocation for this base. Seems Giovanni’s spending a few million keeping this place running.”
    Ryan tsked and then continued, “Basically, you have a choice. To keep things running smoothly, you choose one of the two projects currently running—Tribo or Orthan—and that one gets continued funding. The other gets cut entirely.”
    Juliet had to suppress a smile. Ryan was doing this entirely to jerk her chain. He was new to this game, she mused, while she wasn’t. She knew how to play better than he did.
    “Of course,” Juliet said. “You can’t, of course, force me to choose one on the spot, so you’ll have to give me time to review all the data for both and come to a decision.”
    “How long will this take you?” Ryan asked.
    Juliet feigned thinking for a minute. “An hour or two. Three at the most.”
    Ryan nodded curtly. “Do it. I expect your answer in no less than three hours.”
    As Ryan walked out, Juliet allowed that triumphant smile to go through. Three hours was more than enough to get all of this through to Giovanni. Ryan was smart—he’d thought of his excuses and thought well, but he’d slipped up. Giovanni himself assigned both projects long before Ryan had shown up. Ryan had no way of knowing this, while Juliet was all too familiar with it.
    Juliet sat back down and dialled up Giovanni.
    “Yes?” Came a woman’s voice.
    Juliet frowned. “Who is this?”
    “Giovanni’s secretary. Giovanni himself is ill and won’t be able to take any calls from anyone in the next few days.”
    Juliet covered the receiver and swore. This didn’t kill her position, it just made it harder. If Ryan somehow beat her to talking to Giovanni, he’d undoubtedly be able to convince him to abandon one of the two projects. Juliet had to beat him.
    “Any estimate of when Giovanni will be back?” Juliet asked.
    “Unknown,” came the response.
    Juliet frowned again and hung up. Not good. This situation was going to take all of her skill and a lot of luck to pull through. Tribo was her pet project—something that she would see through to the end even if it killed her. Orthan was the most ambitions project ever attempted in the history of science. Its completion would mean not only a sure Rocket breakthrough, but also countless breakthroughs in legitimate sciences in all fields.
    She suddenly had an idea, and picked up the phone again.

    Well, that's it for this one, folks. What was her idea? How will she beat the guy? Who knows?

    Mewtwo: I know.

    Shaddup Mewtwo, you're psychic. That means you can read my mi... wait I don't have a mind. *runs away screaming*
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    why do you post each chapter in a different topic? dude, just use the darn reply!
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    Force of habit. Old 'Gym's fic forum did that. Sue me.

    Plus, I was never a fan of the whole "'book' thread and 'reply' thread" format.

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