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Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by Ness, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Ness

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    (Edit: Reposted on official Feedback & Bugs Forum on Pokemon.com. http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/fe...suggestion-bug-report-from-experienced-player. Please post here to bring attention to these issues so they can be resolved correctly and quickly!)

    Here's where you can post suggestions to improve & fix the Pokémon TCG Online, which is still currently in beta. I'll start us off. I have highlighted in red the bugs or suggestions that I think are most important to address ASAP.

    1) Fix the lag!

    Lag ruins the experience for everyone. I am not a programmer, but I imagine a downloadable client would allow PTCGO to function more smoothly. Additionally, it's easy to accidentally exit of a browser, where as a client could not be accidentally exited without some kind of prompt or warning. Currently, this is the biggest issue with the PTCGO. The lag is unbearable!

    2) Counteroffer bug

    My counteroffers do not work. I cannot drag any cards that I would like to receive.

    3) My wanted bug

    My wanted cards never save.

    4) Offline trade notifications

    After signing back online, you should be greeted with notifications showing you which of your public offer trades were accepted.

    5) Duplicate card bug?

    There's two versions of a nonfoil Bellossom (UL) and two versions of a nonfoil Lucario (CL) from the same set. When I tried to trade for one of each of these cards, my generous offers were always passed up. It made me think that PTCGO recognized these as some cards that are inaccessible to players.

    6) Waiting for opponent to acknowledge cards

    Making your opponent acknowledge every trainer & supporter you play is so time-consuming. At the very least, allow experienced players the ability to disable this feature. Perhaps offer "Expert" battles where this pausing does not occur and only keep it at "Beginner" level games.

    7) Slowness of some powers

    Some Powers & Abilities are incredibly slow to use. For example, Reuniclus's Damage Swap Ability takes a full minute or two to move 100+ damage. Change this where once you activate the power, you can simply continually move damage counters until you click "Finish." Other Abilities, such as Emboar's Inferno Fandango and Feraligatr's Rain Dance should work the same. This is yet another reason it is imperative to fix lag.

    8) Time glitches

    Occasionally, time runs when it shouldn't be. For example, my clock runs when my opponent disconnects or after my opponent uses Eeeeeeek, but is still shuffling his own deck.

    9) Speed up the animation of shuffling your hand into your deck.

    Allow a mouseclick to fastforward the animation of shuffling your hand into your deck. Playing a card like Judge or Copycat with a large hand size takes too long.

    10) Confirm trade offers that receive nothing.

    Players frequently make the mistake of submitting a trade offer while forgetting to add cards in their "Receiving" tab. Make players confirm posting a trade when they are simply giving away cards, whether it is posting it or accepting it.

    11) Immediate placement of lone basic.

    When a player has only one basic in his hand, the program automatically immediately places it down and begins the coinflip if the other player also only has one basic. This gives each player (especially the player playing first) an unfair advantage of knowing his opponent only had one basic in his or her hand. Create a quick pause or somehow prevent your opponent from receiving this information.

    12) Bench display bug

    Sometimes when I attack a benched Pokémon with Yanmega's Linear Attack, my opponent's bench is shown as a row of dozens of cards, some even from his discard pile. Evolutions are all mixed with other basics and I have no idea what I am attacking.

    13) Facedown card bug

    When playing a trainer and then changing my mind, undoing the move, the card sometimes stays on the table, but face down. This happened with an Energy Retrieval.

    14) Public offer search

    Fix the ability to search for cards that people are trading/requesting in the public offers. It does not work.

    15) Theme Deck Cost

    Theme decks are erroneously priced at "1 Booster Credit" instead of "1 Theme Deck Credit."

    16) Rematch buttons

    Add rematch buttons for games, both with and without allowing players to edit their decks.

    17) Multiple possibility trade offers

    When creating a public trade, allow players to post a variety of things they would give OR receive for a card.

    Here is an example of multiple GIVING things. Let's say I want ONE Donphan prime. I can post a public trade offer offering a Mew prime for Donphan prime. Now, if I want to increase my chances, I can post another offer, offering say, a Typhlosion prime for Donphan prime. This gives me better odds of acquiring the Donphan prime. However, I run the risk of trading both my Typhlosion prime and Mew prime for two Donphans, when I only wanted one. Instead, players should have the option to post that they will trade A or B for C. (Or Even A or B or C or D or E etc. for F.) For example, I should have been able to post a public trade offer trading either Mew prime OR Typhlosion prime for Donphan prime.

    Likewise, allow players to trade one card for multiple possibilities. Say I want to trade a Pokémon Collector for a Sage's Training. Sage's Training is printed in two sets. Under the current system, I would have to specify which Sage's Training I would like, even though I may very well not care which one I receive. However, I have to choose one, which excludes players who have the other version from trading from me.

    The best way to do this would probably be to post the trades as two separate public offers, but once one is accepted, automatically take down the other corresponding trade option.

    18) Disconnected time

    Do not allow disconnected players 5 minutes to return. At least, not every time. Habitual disconnecters should get a "time bank" of 5 minutes per 48 hours. That way, if they are repeatedly disconnecting, their disconnect can turn into an immediate loss (or at most, give them 30-60 seconds to return).

    19) Punish idling

    If a player has not made a move in 60-90 seconds, a box should pop up reminding them it is their turn. If they do not acknowledge it in a certain amount of time, their turn should end or they should forfeit. Perhaps their turn should end, and next turn, if they do not respond after a certain amount of seconds, they should then forfeit.
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    One thing i need to say. Increase time to 30+3

    I agree with every point so far
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  3. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    Yeah I mean it's like there not on date I mean come on put 30 +3 just like any tournament. But Ness that was very interesting to read.
  4. TheGeneral

    TheGeneral New Member

    Pokemon, go to duelingnetwork.com and copy everything they do. Their gameplay is great, hardly ever lags, and best of all it's FREE.
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  5. rokman

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    Downloadable client would be much better.

    Maintenance lasts waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.
  6. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    have you posted these concerns on the TCGO forums or on the support site? because that will get better results than posting them here imho...


  7. Ness

    Ness New Member

    I am posting them in as many places as possible just so it gets recognized. Additionally, I figured here would be a good place to post because we could collectively come up with solutions to popular problems. (Like how to make some Abilities & Powers work more quickly, adjusting the clock, etc.)
  8. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    I'd like to see some kind of limit on public trade offers. Last night and earlier today (and probably all the time), the trade offer section was FLOODED by offers from the same 2-3 users trying to get packs of Emerging Powers for their commons, or even worse...packs of cards for nothing at all.

    The "give me X high demand card for free" thing needs to go in public offers, and maybe some sort of rate limit for trades? Something generous to keep it moving, but enough that people won't have to sort through 20 nonsense ripoff trades.
  9. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Fix the QR reader. I haven't figured out the precise steps necessary to get those codes to read correctly, and it should reduce the amount of time I spend entering codes into the website.

    Also, an easier way to turn off effects, plzkthx.
  10. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    I've gotten a blue screen multiple times during games where the games just crash... not sure what the cause of this was, but it ruined a perfectly good game between me and Jason!
  11. Ness

    Ness New Member

    I don't see this as a priority to fix ATM. The blue screens add an unexpected element of surprise that don't exist in traditional, in-person games. It forces players to play a strategy taking into consideration at any moment the game can be drawn.
  12. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    For the record, I did get a message that said, "Pookaveli is the winner!" after I refreshed the page. I have it recorded, so I officially outplayed you that game.
  13. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    Great post Jason. One more thing is it would be great to have the option to open a display once you entered 36 codes. This way you can even out the rares you get.
  14. Ness

    Ness New Member

    I think the option to input codes should be more efficient. Currently, after you enter a code, a box pops up that must be closed with the mouse. Considering the lag of the site, this is even more annoying. You should be able to enter a code, hit enter/tab, enter a code, hit enter/tab, enter a code, hit enter/tab, etc.
  15. JWittz

    JWittz New Member

    One thing I think for sure needs to be fixed is some sort of way to prevent scamming in public trading. I was *this* close to clicking on a scam trade the first time I saw one, and I can't imagine how many new players who have just opened some solid cards from pack codes end up throwing their cards away to the sea of "I'm giving this card away for free" scam trades. They tend to spam the trade market too, which is pretty annoying. Maybe make it impossible to request free cards with public trades? I'm sure there's a smarter way to block it than to have the option available.

    Another error with trading is that not every person in the trade room is visible when you want to make a specific offer to someone. Sometimes I'll be online at the same time as a friend and I'll arrange a trade beforehand, but can't find them online to even initiate the deal. This is also annoying when the trade market is flooded with "check my binder" posts, and I can't even find them on the list of online players to check anything.

    As far as gameplay everything is pretty much covered, but one thing I'd like to see is a better way to tier matchmaking. Right now everyone is in the same pool of players, and it matches people (supposedly) based on their "rating" within the pool of everyone that wants to play a game. This means that if only a small amount of people are seeking games at any given time, your match can be with any possible skill level. Something like this is bad for both sides of the coin--it means that brand new players can be crushed by experienced decks right away without even understanding what is going on, and it also gives the same experienced players a waste of their time. I'm sure something like this could be implemented a lot better when the actual rankings go online, but I can't help but think I'm hurting the game when I plow through a dozen players at a time with 100 or less card collections. I'm sure some people are compelled at how an upper level deck functions, but I bet most players are just put off by the random butt-kicking. Having a tier-based lobby based on player rating would be a good way to keep players playing exciting games at their on skill level.

    Great discussion to have for sure! I feel like this program could do more for the game than we've seen in a long, long time for competitive play, and making sure that they release a fully ironed-out program in the Fall for the public is really important.
  16. Ness

    Ness New Member

    It's a shame how many people try to scam, too. The public offers are spammed with "FREE THIS," "Do not need," "Free card u can have," "this card stinks," "i quit, u have," etc.

    I think my suggestion of confirming trades a player either posts or clicks to accept where he/she receives nothing in return should notify the player would be the best solution. Additionally, I don't even think players should be able to send a trade where they receive nothing. Let's be honest: If people gave away cards, EVERYONE would keep asking. The only way people should be able to give away cards is if they specify who they are sending it to.
  17. cabd

    cabd New Member

    Assuming we want to keep track of bugs here:

    Ho-oh legend's body is not working properly when it interacts with DCE and Rescue.
  18. JWittz

    JWittz New Member

    This is a pretty specific error, but maybe other people are having it too:

    On my Mac (on Chrome), I cannot enter any text into any field where text could go. I can't chat, I can't name my Avatars/Decks, and I can't name my trade posts. I have no errors on Firefox, but things are unbelievably slow on anything but Chrome for my Mac for some reason.

    However, when I use chrome on my Windows through parallels on my Mac everything works fine. . . 90% of the time now I guess. Today I was unable to enter any text to chat. It makes me feel like I'm cold shouldering people if they're being friendly or asking questions about the game : (.

    Another bug for chat that I've noticed is that when you input a message around the length of 2-3 bars of text, it'll never go through to my opponent. The chat seems to force you into a specific character limit to make posts, but doesn't aware you of the limit.
  19. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    @ Jwittz

    I keep on having the same problem and I agree on everything else.

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    @ Ness

    The Pokemon company could ban the people that put that. It gets really annoying like when they ask for legends or primes for free.
  20. Dragonwarrior7

    Dragonwarrior7 New Member

    Amen, especially 1,6, and 7. It's really time consuming to check all of my opponent's most basic actions, and Inferno Fandango can be really time consuming as well. With a timer on the game I don't think it's fair to spend half of it doing some of the most mundane and basic actions.

    As far as #3, i'm surprised I was able to trade for and build my deck in one day. I had to keep reloading because every time I try to make an offer or view my collection lag starts building up. If I refresh to rectify the problem, most if not all of my cards marked for trade are wiped out and I have to spend a great deal of time re-marking them.

    Lastly, public offers have gotten just ludicrous lately, and I think that all trades must have both a given and taken card to get rid of all those scams where people act as though they are giving away a free card but in actuality are requesting one. With lag and possibly people being inattentive or tired they can easily accidentally click accept.

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