PokeGym Downtime Feb 7 & Errors Feb 8

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    Greetings members! The Gym was moved a few feet yesterday - should have been a short outage but the database drive failed to mount on power up. It took a while to diagnose this as it was masked by another problem. Then replacing the drive and re-importing the databases took hours. It was after midnite 8 hours later before the Gym was back online, with a 'search index import' left running in the background - hours long job. Today, Feb 8 it was reported that there were posting errors (likely due to problems with the overnight job) and that has been fixed.

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    This site holds more than a decade of history of organized play, particularly for the TCG - we have nightly backups and continuous offsite backups because we never want to lose that history. PokeGym recommends backing up your digital history, especially photos & precious memories - the money you spend on a spare hard drive and time spent learning the backup program is worth it. Some may even want a cloud based backup on top of that, especially you olders. We've used Jungledisk and are currently using Crashplan, but Mozy and even a good sized Google Drive or Dropbox are really worth it for that day when your hard drive dies or your computer is stolen.

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