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    I sent him a message on Facebook last month but have yet to receive a reply. I'm curious as to if PokePedia used text search or if it did have flags of some sort for certain effects - if the latter, it might actually be easier to do so now, since "this Pokémon" is being used more than the name of the Pokémon.
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    Glad to see the new board online.
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    Finally found my old password and decided to pop in. Been a long time.
    Some good times were had here....
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    We're in the process of getting the new boards online.
    The front page will be much better for putting up articles now.
    Members and threads can link through to Facebook etc.
    It will take a bit for us to work through getting everything functioning properly and getting used to how things work, but once that happens, we'll see if we can expand content.
    But we'll need authors.
    Good authors.

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