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  1. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    What is the top 10 booster boxes someone should get.
    what has the best cards,the cards that are mixed not 3 of the same card in first pack or first 2 or 3 packs.
    as well as what there price goes for.
    And please list the best place to get them.
    What has themost holo and or reverse holo.
    What is the top 10 best booster boxes and list them as 1 being the best 10 being the last.
    I am thinking of buying booster boxes throughout 2010 and i want to know whats best,please dont say base boosters those are too expensive.
  2. AzNightmare

    AzNightmare New Member

    This depends on a lot of things.
    What are you buying the cards for? For collecting? For selling?
    For a competitive deck? Or unlimited format one?
    Are you going to take in account that lots of DP sets will be rotated out in the near future?
  3. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    for both collecting and selling.To get cards i need for my collection and the doubles either sell or trade them for other cards.
  4. AzNightmare

    AzNightmare New Member

    If it's for collecting, wouldn't you need to get all the booster boxes of the sets you are missing?

    I would say Great Encounters is a good set just because Claydol and Rare Candy are worth a lot if you are selling, and they are good cards for deck building.
  5. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    ok ill take that under consideration what other boxes are best.
    Im trying to find ex fire red leaf green booster box but cant find it plz help.
  6. dave321

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    Rising Rivals is full of Trainers, Supporters, Pokemon, and Holos that are sought after.
  7. actingpokemon123

    actingpokemon123 New Member

    Go to ebay to find it, or trollandtoad.com..but to get on subject, I think that Platinum: Rising Rivals would be one of the best picks for you because it has a ton of good and playable cards, like Flygon LV X and Luxray GL LV X...you could play or sell either of them for $20+.
  8. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    i cant find the ex fire red leaf green booster its impossible to find maybe im looking in the wrong places.
    all i find is packs and the boosters are sold out.

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    what is better buying online or buying at nintendo world for the booster boxes.
    better by experience and better with price.
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  9. legotack

    legotack New Member

    ^Since most people don't know what Nintendo World is, I'll try to answer. Nintendo World only has the recent set, or at most the two most recent sets. Only go if you want Arceus or maybe Supreme Victors (which I highly doubt you want). Online is probably cheaper too.

    Here is a listing on Ebay of a FRLG box: http://cgi.ebay.com/POKEMON-EX-FIRE...emQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item518e10132e

    Not entirely sure if it is a reliable seller, but you might as well check it out.
  10. crazypokemon

    crazypokemon New Member

    all over online you see 36 packs but no box.
    if its all just packs then you can figure out what packs have holo or not by weighing them.
    if its a sealed box then you cant search it.
    i got a feeling all the packs were tampered or searched before being listed.
    but thanks anyway.

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