Pokemon Colesseum - have they no shame?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by ScythKing, Feb 15, 2004.

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  1. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

  2. poinko

    poinko New Member

    I don't think he resembles Yugi at all. Maybe the hair does a little bit, but if you're saying it's a ripoff that he has spiky hair and a blue outfit, that's like, 30% of male anime characters right there anyway.

    Plus, Yugi doesn't dart around the desert in a motorcycle. That makes him automatically like, 100 times better.
  3. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    Uh... He's the game's main character, Wes. So?

    Besides, Wes only has one hair color. And he looks more like a young Vash from Trigun than Yugi.

    *waits for move to Electronic Games*
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  4. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    C'mon - lesse we have the spikey do with the cute lil spike sideburn thingies, we have an almost identical trenchcoat/button-down vest with leather trousers/boots sort of outfit. Same sorta pinched face/pointy chin. Now going with the "traditional" Pokemon characters "look" you guys mean to tell me that the resemblence to Yugi is remote?!!! *sheesh*
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  5. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member


    I believe that Yugi's outfit is supposed to be some sort of school uniform. Wes's outfit is more of a leather getup.

    Also common. I think most Team Rocket/Aqua/Magma faces are built like that.
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  6. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Hey, they both speak Japanese! It's a consprecy!
  7. Joe Monkey

    Joe Monkey New Member

    And another thing, yugi doesn't have cool shades ^^ and the snatch glove.
  8. LittlePichu

    LittlePichu New Member

    I watched Yugio for a little while.I was wating for my show comes on cartoon network at night and
    the pokemon character in the game has much shorter hair then Yugio and he does have red yellow
    and Black hair color like Yugi..,and he dose have big eyes..He also looks tall then yugi... and the
    outfit is way different..
  9. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Wes probably isn't as psychiotic as Yugi....
  10. White Gryphon

    White Gryphon New Member

    His name is Wes? Hehe.

    When I looked at him the first thing that came to mind was Kingdom Hearts, then Trigun. He does look a lot different than what I'm used to seeing in Pokemon human design. Was he even designed by Sugimori?
  11. TeamRocket

    TeamRocket New Member

    Not all Team Rocket has that kind of face - Jessie, Cassidy and Domino don't fit your prejudictic statement.
  12. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    Interview with game makers at Pokemon.com.
    Looks like he was designed by that guy.
    Prejudiced? I have no idea what you're talking about. I said most, not all. And I was thinking more in terms of in-game characters. Grunts, executives, leaders, etc.
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  13. Bigpoppabeatdown

    Bigpoppabeatdown New Member

    so what if he looks like other characters............ yugi, vash, and all of the others were ripped off of something else............ anyone could come in and draw a character and if you wanted to look for it, you could make comparisons to something else......... it doesn't matter, oh well
  14. EeveeTrainer

    EeveeTrainer New Member

    Ugh the next think you'll be telling me is that Cloud from FF7 is a rip off of Goku from DBZ....Spiky Blond hair. Also I think that some of the arists on Pokemon do work on Yu Gi oh in japan as well. That was the case with the whole FF7 thing and DBZ likeness anyway....but I'll look into it a bit further and find out for sure.
  15. GodTrainer

    GodTrainer Member

    lol cloud doesss look a lot like Goku :D :D
  16. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Since this really isn't TCG News, moving down to the Electronic Games forum...*whoosh*

  17. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    I see your point - I think the bit that really shows the comparison is not his hair, but his stance. Feet apart - one arm outwards (Whether it be holding a Pokéball or a Card), with that focussed expression on his face.

    Though I do admit, I like the look of Wes way better than Yugi's look, and at least Wes isn't going to talk for 1/2 an hour straight about how he's relying on the cards, etc, etc... :-D
  18. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    LOL! it's so true. They waste sooo much time on mad rhetoric (pun a la Toonami).

    Remember that ep where they have an hour to play ONE duel and they go over time! Give me a break!

    I think there is a distinct difference between YGO and this so called "Wes." YG has too much clutter. W doesnt. What i mean is that YG has tons of wird stuff, clutterous activity, going on on his head alone. There is his funky-even-for-an-anime hairdo and his bizzare-wannabe-even-though-legitimately-so anime eyes. Where as W only has the weird token nonsensical item: his shades.

    So, i think there is a clear distinction between them; i wouldn't rush to compare them exactly.
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  19. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    Honestly, the character is nothing like YG, in looks or in attitude. Just play the game.
  20. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    well, i dunno about that...you cant deny they look kiiiiiiiiinda similar. Kinda. But not blatantly so. Kinda.

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