Pokemon Cube: An Unlimited Format. Check It Out

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    I apologize if this is the wrong forum to discuss this in. I have seen alternate formats discussed here before, but I am still unsure if this is the proper place for my thread. Feel free to move it if it is not.

    Hello Pokegym!

    This is going to be a long post. Please bare with me. Anyone interested in unlimited or singleton formats I think should find it most interesting. I have, over the past three months, created something that has proven to be very fun and has completely renewed my interest in the game and I want to share, not only my thought process and errata, but a complete Cube List (clocking in at over 600 unique cards, excluding basic energy) with you all. I am really hoping to bring this to some sort of major event sometime in the coming year so that I can experience game play with more seasoned players. So, again, please bare with me. I can't promise you will be as optimistic about this type of game play as I am, but you never know, this could be just what you are looking for.

    As a long time lover and supporter of TCG I have always been a little resentful of the fact that due to my geographical location I have not been able to be a part of Organized Play since the days of Wizards. I have always bought boosters, for many years I did so only as a collector, and only since starting a relationship with my current partner have I gotten back into the TCG as an actual game.

    His love of Magic: The Gathering inspired me to relive my old Trading Card love that was Pokemon. He happened to have a large collection of Base Set - Fossil cards, and we bonded over building decks with our old favourites. It reignited his love of the game and we began to buy cards from the newer sets (I had given all but what I call my Pokedex binder away shortly before we met), and have since become well versed on the current metagame, but we sadly were never able to actually play other people. We tried Playtcg and PTCGO, but both feel far too impersonal for us to enjoy. In the past 8 months we had all but stopped playing completely because it just wasn't worth the investment any more. I have never purchased a Boundaries Crossed or Plasma Storm booster pack (I did buy the Elite Trainer Box however; couldn't resist). I still had the desire, but standard against the same opponent all the time just isn't fun.

    James (my partner) has been a player and collector of MTG since its inception. He has taken breaks from the game, and has, because of our location again, never really been able to play in many sanctioned events. Although it is MUCH easier to be a Magic Player here than a Pokemon one. Through all this he has stayed extremely passionate about the game, and a little over a year ago he and his MTG buddies decided to put together what is called a Cube.

    But what is a Cube?

    A Cube is a collection of cards, all different, that is shuffled together and divided into "booster packs" that are then drafted (passed around the table to each player. He or she then chooses one card from the pack and passes it along to the next player who does the same until all cards have been "drafted" to various players) and the used to build Singleton Decks. Each player gets three "packs" of 15 cards, then uses the 45 cards along with Basic Lands to build a 40 card deck. Players then play each other in tournament style games. Magic has always been a game that lends itself well to drafting as cards can all be played individually of each other.

    I have heard of drafting in Pokemon although the logistics of it seem far more difficult to me. Evolution requirements can make many cards drafted completely useless when it comes time to build a deck. I must admit I had never drafted Pokemon before, so perhaps my fears are unwarranted, but nonetheless I just didn't think it would work. Not with sealed booster packs anyway.

    For many months I watched James and his friends playing with the cube, trying to devise a way to make it work for Pokemon. I have put together many half lists and tried different ideas to see how the work (drafting only fully evolved Pokemon for example, then simply pulling the prestages like you do basic energy), but never did I come up with something that I believed would work well.

    That was until an idea that for whatever reason had escaped me came to me: instead of using tons of different Pokemon I needed to limit the families. Take only a small number of available Pokemon and find their best and most interesting cards. Look through all the sets, choosing the best available basics and stage ones to go along with their stage two powerhouses. Then draft it all together. After all if you have multiples of the same Pokemon, evolution lines get easier to put together. It would still be a singleton format, but instead of 1 Pikachu there would be 5.

    So I hit the net, reading every last card from all English sets, finding Pokemon that had multiple good cards to their name. Pokemon with interesting abilities and powerful attacks and I came up with a setlist of nearly 1000 cards. That was way too many, and I have since been able to trim it down to just over 600.

    I decided 4 families for each type. 2 Stage 2' and 2 Stage 1s was the aim, although Fighting and Darkness became exceptions to the rule when finding a second stage 2 for each that was remotely playable failed. Hydreigon and Conkeldurr are both on my radar though when both gain enough cards to be added.

    To keep card numbers down I decided to go with a Pyramid evolution line. It would either be a 7-5-3 for stage twos (with there being a one exception as a 6-4-2 line) or simply a 5-3 for stage ones. Anything more would bloat the cube too much and would probably require a drop of one family per type. Seeing as how I wanted to keep a decent variety of Pokemon in the cube those numbers worked for me. Randomization tests showed excellent results with those numbers as well.

    For Basic Pokemon that would not evolve I originally chose the number 8. 8 of each type would be present, however this proved too difficult for some, and far too easy for others. Eventually 8 became 6 which worked well. I decided to make colorless an exception to the rule and double the number of basics it would receive as a way to provide more options during drafting.

    To round out the cube and keep a certain fan favourite in I added the Eevee Family. 2 of each evolution (except Vaporeon and Glaceon who each received one card because they share a type) and 12 different Eevee cards.

    For trainer cards I decided to add pretty much everything with a decent effect that wouldn't end up being a dead draw or useless play (ie Trainer cards that have a flip requirement for their only effect are few and far between) and cards that boosted one type were no accepted into the cube either (no Dark Patch or Asperita Gym for example). Supporters and Item cards got the most love and are most plentiful with Stadiums and Tools appearing in smaller numbers.

    I used the same philosophy for selecting Special Energy although I was a bit more lenient on boosting certain things (for example Prism Energy is in the Cube, but Special Darkness Energy is not).

    Now that I had a list it was time to figure out just how much we needed to draft. I fist started with 45 cards, That was far too few. Evolution lines were never getting completed and too many dead draft picks came out. 50 cards had much of the same results. I settled on 60 cards. That number seemed to always give you at least a workable deck as long as you drafted with some strategy.
    The draft process works like this: Shuffle the entire cube, passing chunks of cards back and forth amongst all players. Ten minutes or so of shuffling seemed to work the best. Deal yourself 4 Booster Packs (face down piles of cards) containing 15 cards. I find it works best to put the entire cube on a table and randomly deal from different piles of cards. Set the four packs aside in front of you and put away the rest of the cards. At the same time everyone looks at their first pack and selects one card, placing it face down in front of them. Shuffle the rest of the cards in that first pack and pass it to the person to your left. Repeat until all 15 cards from each pack have been selected and then pick up your second pack and repeat (only pass to your right this time). Repeat for packs 3 and 4 alternating directions each time.

    Now it is time to build your deck. I find a 40 card deck works best although a 50 card deck is also possible. Try it both ways and see how you like it.

    Once everyone has built their deck it is time to play. Roll dice for positioning and away you go.

    If you are playing with 40 card decks you play with 4 prize cards. 50 card decks play with 5.

    Due to Pokemon's ever changing card wording here is some simple errata and rules I have found makes things easier and more fun:

    Only a Pokemon's Nintendo given name counts. Erika's Gloom can evolve from any Oddish and Evolve into any Vileplume. Same with Dark Quilava or Team Magma's Baltoy.

    If a card references Pokemon Powers, Poke-Powers, Poke-Bodies or Abilities read it to mean any of the aforementioned.

    Weakness and Resistance is played as written. If there is no number after the weakness symbol play it as 2x.

    Supporters stay on the field till the end of your turn and can be played on turn one.

    First player to play does not draw a card.

    So now you have all the info needed to Play with a Pokemon Cube... except an actual card list. Well here is my current build. This list supports up to 8 Players. I am currently building a 16 player list that I will post when completed.

    Pokemon Cube (Base Set – Plasma Freeze)


    Team Rocket Returns 11
    Secret Wonders 11
    HeartGold SoulSilver 6

    Neo Genesis 49
    Aquapolis 60
    Team Rocket Returns 49
    Secret Wonders 65
    Dragons Exalted 2

    Neo Genesis 61
    Expedition 112
    Aquapolis 83
    Team Rocket Returns 57
    Secret Wonders 90
    HeartGold SoulSilver 67
    Dragons Exalted 1

    Undaunted 24
    Boundaries Crossed 3

    Undaunted 1

    Gym Heroes 45
    Aquapolis 49
    Unseen Forces 58
    Legends Awakened 96
    Undaunted 27

    Team Rocket 63
    Gym Challenge 70
    Aquapolis 97
    Hidden Legends 68
    Unseen Forces 64
    Legends Awakened 111
    Undaunted 60

    Legends Awakened 17
    Supreme Victors 14
    Triumphant 98

    Neo Discovery 36
    Team Rocket Returns 28
    Unseen Forces 50
    Legends Awakened 128
    Triumphant 84

    Diamond and Pearl 13
    Unleashed 23
    Dragons Exalted 15

    Dragon 9
    Secret Wonders 62
    Supreme Victors 123
    Unleashed 61
    Dragons Exalted 12

    Platinum 38
    Undaunted 8
    Boundaries Crossed 10

    Mysterious Treasures 7

    Noble Victories 13

    Roserade GL
    Rising Rivals 12


    Neo Destiny 10
    Mysterious Treasures 16
    HeartGold SoulSilver 110

    Neo Genesis 46
    Neo Destiny 39
    Unseen Forces 45
    Mysterious Treasures 60
    HeartGold SoulSilver 49

    Neo Genesis 56
    Neo Destiny 61
    Expedition 104
    Sandstorm 59
    Hidden Legends 59
    Unseen Forces 45
    Mysterious Treasures 79

    Great Encounters 1
    Platinum 3
    Dark Explorers 17

    Emerald 25
    POP Series 4 6
    Power Keepers 29
    Great Encounters 35
    Dark Explorers 16

    Dragon 77
    Emerald 69
    Crystal Guardians 65
    Power Keepers 67
    Great Encounters 89
    Platinum 99
    Dark Explorers 15

    Black and White 22
    Next Destinies 16
    Plasma Storm 20

    Black and White 21
    Emerging Powers 18
    Noble Victories 16
    Next Destinies 15
    Plasma Storm 19

    Mysterious Treasures 32
    Platinum 36
    Call of Legends 17

    Gym Challenge 66
    Hidden Legends 81
    Platinum 102
    Platinum SH6
    Call of Legends 75

    Noble Victories 15
    Noble Victories 98

    Neo Genesis 23

    Fossil 27

    Black and White 113

    Secret Wonders 10


    Platinum 2
    Unleashed 13
    Boundaries Crossed 31

    Expedition 92
    Crystal Guardians 42
    Secret Wonders 75
    Unleashed 42
    Boundaries Crossed 30

    Base Set 63
    Team Magma Vs Team Aqua 46
    Fire Red and Leaf Green 83
    POP Series 4 14
    Secret Wonders 112
    Unleashed 63
    Boundaries Crossed 29

    Team Rocket Returns 12
    Legends Awakened 7
    Unleashed 85

    Neo Genesis 48
    Dragon 39
    Team Rocket Returns 48
    Legends Awakened 70
    Unleashed 40

    Fossil 49
    Aquapolis 84
    Dragon 33
    Dragon 58
    Team Rocket Returns 58
    Unleashed 49
    Plasma Freeze 18

    Platinum 29
    Triumphant 22
    Boundaries Crossed 35

    Aquapolis 104
    Sandstorm 73
    Team Rocket Returns 70
    Secret Wonders 100
    Platinum 87

    Deoxys 8
    Mysterious Treasures 26
    Stormfront 19

    Team Rocket 47
    Skyridge 75
    Dragon 60
    Stormfront 65
    Dragons Exalted 23

    Noble Victories 34
    Plasma Freeze 31

    Great Encounters 21

    Unleashed 3

    Boundaries Crossed 47

    Call of Legends 69


    Stormfront 6
    Triumphant 96
    Plasma Storm 46

    Team Rocket 11
    Skyridge 19
    Dragon 17
    Triumphant 43
    Plasma Storm 44

    Base Set 53
    Gym Heroes 50
    Aquapolis 91
    Dragon 62
    Delta Spieces 74
    Triumphant 68
    Plasma Storm 42

    Secret Wonders 1
    Platinum 1
    HeartGold SoulSilver 14

    Neo Revelation 28
    Dragon 27
    Unseen Forces 56
    Secret Wonders 50
    HeartGold SoulSilver 42

    Neo Genesis 65
    Expedition 119
    Team Rocket Returns 67
    Secret Wonders 94
    Platinum 83
    HeartGold SoulSilver 73
    Dragons Exalted 38

    Stormfront 8
    Supreme Victors 77
    HeartGold SoulSilver 10

    Team Magma Vs Team Aqua 43
    Fire Red and Leaf Green 74
    Rising Rivals 113
    Supreme Victors 120
    HeartGold SoulSilver Promo 3

    Base Set 21
    Hidden Legends 5
    Triumphant 93

    Aquapolis 115
    Secret Wonders 117
    Stormfront 80
    Stormfront SH3
    Triumphant 83

    Black and White 114

    HeartGold SoulSilver 28

    Raichu GL
    Rising Rivals 31

    Call of Legends 18

    Undaunted 20

    Dragons Exalted 45

    Diamond and Pearl 27
    Stormfront 18
    Triumphant 94

    Fossil 21
    Diamond and Pearl 30
    Arceus 41
    Arceus 42
    Triumphant 35

    Fossil 33
    Neo Destiny 65
    Skyridge 57
    Legend Maker 52
    Arceus 36
    Arceus 64
    Triumphant 63

    Ruby and Sapphire 7
    Secret Wonders 7
    Next Destinies 57

    Ruby and Sapphire 34
    Ruby and Sapphire 35
    Delta Species 47
    Secret Wonders 35
    Plasma Storm 60

    Ruby and Sapphire 67
    Ruby and Sapphire 68
    Sandstorm 74
    Delta Species 81
    Secret Wonders 102
    Platinum 89
    Plasma Storm 59

    Diamond and Pearl 24
    Stormfront 16
    Undaunted 12
    Majestic Dawn 61
    Stormfront 58
    Supreme Victors 103
    Undaunted 46
    Dragons Exalted 49

    Neo Destiny 14
    Unseen Forces 14
    HeartGold SoulSilver 12

    Team Rocket 67
    Team Magma Vs Team Aqua 45
    Team Rocket Returns 76
    Unseen Forces 72
    Undaunted 66

    Mr. Mime
    Jungle 22
    Plasma Freeze 47

    Triumphant 97

    Legends Awakened 43

    Legends Awakened 19

    Unleashed 1


    Stormfront 20
    Triumphant 26
    Triumphant 95

    Expedition 85
    Legend Maker 39
    Power Keepers 33
    Stormfront 41
    Triumphant 40

    Base Set 52
    Skyridge 74
    Legend Maker 57
    Power Keepers 53
    Diamond and Pearl 86
    Stormfront 64
    Triumphant 67

    Unleashed 19
    Call of Legends 14
    Next Destinies 64

    Legends Awakened 117
    POP Series 8 16
    Platinum 91
    Call of Legends 50
    Next Destinies 63

    HeartGold SoulSilver 40
    HeartGold SoulSilver 107
    Plasma Storm 72

    Deoxys 69
    POP Series 2 15
    HeartGold SoulSilver 77
    Call of Legends 66
    Plasma Storm 71

    Team Magma Vs Team Aqua 33
    Deoxys 5
    Great Encounters 15

    Sandstorm 32
    Team Magma Vs Team Aqua 61
    Deoxys 53
    Great Encounters 60
    Dragons Exalted 63

    Noble Victories 73

    BW Promos 43

    HeartGold SoulSilver 33

    Rocket's Hitmonchan
    Gym Heroes 11

    Aerodactyl GL
    Rising Rivals 55

    Dragons Exalted 70


    Diamond and Pearl 14
    Rising Rivals 13
    Next Destinies 72

    Hidden Legends 45
    Legend Maker 41
    Crystal Guardians 39
    Diamond and Pearl 57
    Next Destinies 71

    Sandstorm 77
    Hidden Legends 71
    Deoxys 71
    Legend Maker 61
    Diamond and Pearl 97
    Rising Rivals 78
    Next Destinies 2

    Diamond and Peal 40
    Undaunted 25
    Next Destinies 70

    Neo Revelation 34
    Aquapolis 110
    Legends Awakened 120
    Undaunted 6
    Next Destinies 69

    BW Promos 9
    BW Promos 19
    Dark Explorers 71

    Black and White 70
    McDonalds Promos 9
    Emerging Powers 66
    Dark Explorers 69
    Dark Explorers 70

    Mysterious Treasures 10
    Supreme Victors 29
    Undaunted 16

    Neo Revelation 46
    Sandstorm 47
    Mysterious Treasures 90
    Secret Wonders 95
    Dragons Exalted 72

    Triumphant 91
    Plasma Freeze 67

    Stormfront 48
    Dark Explorers 62

    Arceus 32

    Darkrai G
    Rising Rivals 3


    Legends Awakened 10
    Supreme Victors 7
    Undaunted 18

    Hidden Legends 21
    Legends Awakened 64
    Legends Awakened 65
    Supreme Victores 69
    Undaunted 30

    Hidden Legends 28
    Hidden Legends 29
    Legends Awakened 83
    Legends Awakened 84
    Supreme Victors 90
    Undaunted 43
    Plasma Freeze 50

    Black and White 76
    Dark Explorers 77

    Black and White 75
    Emerging Powers 75
    Dark Explorers 76
    Plasma Storm 89

    Black and White 74
    McDonalds Promos 10
    Emerging Powers 74
    Dark Explorers 75
    Boundaries Crossed 97
    Plasma Storm 88

    Neo Discovery 29
    Majestic Dawn 29
    Undaunted 84

    Jungle 26
    Unseen Forces 46
    Undaunted 36
    Dark Explorers 4
    Boundaries Crossed 7

    Mysterious Treasures 6
    Arceus 14
    Next Destinies 76

    Majestic Dawn 52
    Arceus 34
    Arceus 54
    Triumphant 58
    Next Destinies 75

    Great Encounters 53

    Skarmory FB
    Supreme Victors 83

    Emerging Powers 77
    Noble Victories 100

    Platinum 5

    Rising Rivals 7


    Great Encounters 11
    Undaunted 9
    Plasma Storm 104

    Neo Genesis 16
    Neo Destiny 15
    Aquapolis 39
    Great Encounters 55
    Plasma Storm 103

    Southern Islands 4
    Neo Destiny 56
    Aquapolis 114
    Team Rocket Returns 50
    Great Encounters 88
    Undaunted 70
    Boundaries Crossed 110

    Platinum 22
    HeartGold SoulSilver 106
    Dark Explorers 82

    Base Set 3
    Fire Red and Leaf Green 19
    Platinum 69
    Dark Explorers 80
    Dark Explorers 81

    Black and White 89
    Emerging Powers 85
    Next Destinies 85

    Black and White 88
    Emerging Powers 84
    Next Destinies 84
    Dragons Exalted 109
    BW Promos 13

    Supreme Victors 25
    Undaunted 11
    Plasma Storm 100

    Base Set 48
    Fire Red and Leaf Green 62
    Emerald 45
    Supreme Victors 102
    Plasma Storm 99

    Triumphant 17
    Boundaries Crossed 108

    Neo Genesis 20
    HeartGold SoulSilver 17

    Secret Wonders 66
    Undaunted 8

    Togekiss C
    Supreme Victors 86

    Chatot G
    Supreme Victors 54

    Black and White 91

    Emerging Powers 89

    Legends Awakened 15

    Boundaries Crossed 126


    Majestic Dawn 34

    Rising Rivals 26
    Dark Explorers 37

    Rising Rivals 19
    Plasma Freeze 12

    Undaunted 81
    Dark Explorers 48

    Aquapolis 41
    Majestic Dawn 32

    Undaunted 17
    Plasma Freeze 11

    Rising Rivals 41

    Wizards Promo 11
    Neo Discovery 38
    Sandstorm 63
    Unseen Forces 55
    Delta Species 69
    Majestic Dawn 62
    Majestic Dawn 63
    Rising Rivals 59
    Undaunted 48
    Dark Explorers 83
    Plasma Freeze 89
    Plasma Freeze 90

    Bebe's Search (Mysterious Treasures 109)
    Bianca (Emerging Powers 90)
    Black Belt (Triumphant 85)
    Buck's Training (Legend's Awakened 130)
    Castaway (EX Crystal Guardians 72)
    Cheren (Emerging Powers 91)
    Cilan (Next Destinies 86)
    Colress (Plasma Storm 118)
    Copycat (HeartGold & SoulSilver 90)
    Cynthia's Feelings (Legend's Awakened 131)
    Felicity’s Drawing (Great Encounters 98)
    Fisherman (HeartGold & SoulSilver 92)
    Ghetsis (Plasma Freeze 101)
    Holon Farmer (EX Delta Species 91)
    Holon Lass (EX Delta Species 92)
    Holon Mentor (EX Delta Species 93)
    Holon Scientist (EX Delta Species 97)
    Interviewer's Questions (Unleashed 77)
    Judge (Unleashed 78)
    Lady Outing (EX Ruby & Sapphire 83)
    Lannette's Net Search (EX Sandstorm 87)
    Looker's Investigation (Platinum 109)
    Mr. Briney's Compassion (EX Dragon 87)
    N (Noble Victories 92)
    Oracle (Skyridge 138)
    Pokemon Collector (HeartGold & SoulSilver 97)
    Pokemon Fan Club (Aquapolis 130)
    Pokemon Nurse (Expedition 145)
    Professor Birch (EX Ruby & Sapphire 89)
    Professor Cozmo's Discovery (EX Deoxys 90)
    Professor Elm's Training Method (HeartGold & SoulSilver 100)
    Professor Juniper (Dark Explorers 98)
    Professor Oak's New Theory (HeartGold & SoulSilver 101)
    Professor Oak's Research (Expedition 149)
    Professor Rowan (Diamond & Pearl 112)
    Relic Hunter (Skyridge 120)
    Rival (Diamond & Pearl 113)
    Rocket's Admin (EX Team Rocket Returns 86)
    Roseanne’s Research (Secret Wonders 125)
    Sage's Training (Undaunted 87)
    Seeker (Triumphant 88)
    Skyla (Boundaries Crossed 134)
    Steven's Advice (EX Hidden Legends 92)
    Twins (Triumphant 89)
    Volkner's Philosophy (Rising Rivals 98)

    Item Cards:
    Superior Energy Retrieval (Plasma Freeze 103)
    Bicycle (Plasma Storm 117)
    Escape Rope (Plasma Storm 120)
    Ether (Plasma Storm 121)
    Hypnotoxic Laser (Plasma Storm 123)
    Devolution Spray (Dragons Exalted 113)
    Tool Scrapper (Dragons Exalted 116)
    Enhanced Hammer (Dark Explorers 94)
    Random Receiver (Dark Explorers 99
    Rare Candy (Dark Explorers 100)
    Ultra Ball (Dark Explorers 102)
    Level Ball (Next Destinies 89)
    Super Rod (Noble Victories 95)
    Crushing Hammer (Emerging Powers 92)
    Max Potion (Emerging Powers 94)
    Pokemon Catcher (Emerging Powers 95)
    Energy Retrieval (Black and White 92)
    Plus Power (Black and White 96)
    Pokemon Communication (Black and White 99)
    Potion (Black and White 100)
    Revive (Black and White 102)
    Super Scoop Up (Black and White 103)
    Switch (Black and White 104)
    Dual Ball (Call of Legends 78)
    Lost Remover (Call of Legends 80)
    Pokemon Reversal (HGSS 99)
    Pokegear 3.0 (HGSS 96)
    Life Herb (Unleashed 79)
    Energy Exchanger (Undaunted 73)
    Junk Arm (Triumphant 87)
    VS Seeker (Supreme Victors 140)
    Luxury Ball (Stormfront 86)
    Technical Machine TS-1 (Legends Awakened 136)
    Warp Point (Majestic Dawn 88)
    Night Maintenance (Secret Wonders 120)
    Time Space Distortion (Mysterious Treasures 124)
    Windstorm (EX Crystal Guardians 85)
    Pokemon Breeder Fields (Neo Revelation 62)
    Super Energy Retrieval (Neo Genesis 89)
    Professor Elm (Neo Genesis 96)
    Computer Search (Base Set 71)
    Imposter Professor Oak (Base Set 73)
    Item Finder (Base Set 74)
    Pokemon Breeder (Base Set 76)
    Pokemon Trader (Base Set 77)
    Super Energy Removal (Base Set 79)
    Professor Oak (Base Set 88)
    Energy Removal (Base Set 92)
    Gust of Wind (Base Set 93)

    Amulet Coin (Great Encounters 97)
    Bench Shield (Arceus 83)
    Bubble Coat (Legends Awakened 129)
    Cessation Crystal (EX Crystal Guardians 74)
    Eviolite (Noble Victories 91)
    Expert Belt (Arceus 87)
    Float Stone (Plasma Freeze 99)
    Fluffy Berry (EX Unseen Forces 85)
    Focus Band (Neo Genesis 86)
    Giant Cape (Dragons Exaleted 114)
    Gold Berry (Neo Genesis 93)
    Leftovers (Great Encounters 99)
    Lucky Egg (Arceus 88)
    Rescue Scarf (Dragons Exalted 115)
    Rocky Helmet (Noble Victories 94)
    Time Shard (Aquapolis 135)

    Ancient Tomb (EX Hidden Legends 87)
    Broken Ground Gym (Neo Destiny 92)
    Broken Time Space (Platinum 104)
    Cursed Stone (EX Legend Maker 72)
    Narrow Gym (Gym Heroes 124)
    Resistance Gym (Gym Challenge 109)
    Rocket's Minefield Gym (Gym Challenge 119)
    Skyarrow Bridge (Next Destinies 91)
    Speed Stadium (Diamond and Pearl 114)
    Tropical Beach (BW Promo 28)

    Special Energy:
    Double Colorless Energy (Next Destinies 92)
    Rainbow Energy (HGSS 104)
    Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis 105)
    Boost Energy (EX Dragon Frontiers 87)
    Warp Energy (Stormfront 95)
    Cyclone Energy (Stormfront 94)
    Double Rainbow Energy (EX Crystal Guardians 88)
    Scramble Energy (EX Dragon Frontiers 89)
    Call Energy (Majestic Dawn 92)
    Upper Energy (Rising Rivals 102)
    Rescue Energy (Triumphant 90)
    Prism Energy (Next Destinies 93)
    Blend Energy GRPD (Dragons Exalted 117)
    Blend Energy WLFM (Dragons Exalted 118)
    Holon's Electrode (EX Delta Species 21)
    Holon's Magneton (EX Delta Species 22)

    So what does everybody think? Does it sound fun? Have any questions let me know and I'll try to answer them.

    Hopefully I will be able to make it to Worlds and play with some of you out there. In the meantime I hope I inspire some of you to try this out. It really has made me love this game more than ever before.
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  2. canderson

    canderson New Member

    Wow that actually lookslike it would be really fun to play, I have a few friends a play with and this is really interesting. Maybe we will do a BW only version
  3. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    We have a cube at our league as well, though we don't play it often. Most players just aren't interested (plus, it takes a lot of work to finally get to the playing stage) since most of us play the current format to prepare for tournaments and the like.
  4. Widdi

    Widdi New Member

    I am finding the people most interested in playing Cube are people who don't play standard. A lot of Magic players at the Game Store near me have expressed interest as well as most of my local friends who played the game way back when and dont have much knowledge of current meta.
  5. muk316

    muk316 New Member

    I have a "cube" although it's slightly different.

    My cube has 1 copy of every Pokemon (I started making it at B&W) and 1 copy of every trainer and special energy since B&W.

    How we play, is we grab a stack, shuffle, draw 7. Any pokemon can evolve into any other pokemon of the same type, as long as the stage matches. Hoppip - Gloom - Venusaur, but not Hoppip - Vileplume - Venusaur. You can use any Pokemon as an energy (we turn it upside down to attach) and it basically acts as a prism energy. Use a dice as a counter for the 6 prizes, and draw a card when you knock out a Pokemon.

    Lots of fun, quick to pick up and play and every game is different. Best if only 2 people play at a time.
  6. Catchum

    Catchum New Member

    I played this cube with the op last night and can confirm that it was lots of fun. Lots of time and care was put into this cube and it shows.
  7. Widdi

    Widdi New Member

    Was nice to play with some new people. Hope to bring it back soon.
  8. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    I've been working on my own cube as well. The people who are usually most interested are people who have been playing a long time, but I've always been able to get a good crowd of people wanting to play after swiss rounds are over. I've been able to get several of the other players in other leagues to start building their own, so we have a good selection of cube choices.

    I have noticed some big differences in pokemon, the pick orders are always weird due to evolution lines so you have to do a lot more forcing strategies right off the bat. It also helps to draft more cards. Right now we're at drafting 60 cards for 40 card decks and 75 cards for 60 card decks.

    I got a lot of design ideas from here pokecube.net. When you realize that pokemon is not only divided by color but by evolution line, you can increase deck consistency by increasing the size of each of the evolution lines. Right now I'm doing one stage 2 and one stage 1 line for each color. I have my list done up in an excel spreadsheet, so I'll send it to whoever wants to take a look. I'd rather not post 700 cards in the middle of the forum.

    TRAINER HEZ New Member

    Just brought my Cube kit home from uni the other day, that was heavy on the train x_x
    At the moment we're playing with a Gen1 cube using only Wizards of the Coast era cards. There's a couple of Gen2 Basics in there too. Rather than regular Draft we either play Winston Draft (another Magic term there) or just plain Sealed (like pre-release).
    Great fun, a nice way to get use out of otherwise useless or just old cards. Brings back memories of trying to battle with a deck full of Gastly and a Mewtwo promo I got at the cinema... good times :')
  10. Widdi

    Widdi New Member

    LOL I had toyed around with both a Base-Fossil Cube and BLW-ON cube before building this one.

    I Winston Draft with the cube when it is just me and one other person playing. Been wanting to try it out with more players, but it seems like it would be more difficult in that situation.

    Glad to see other people embracing the cube. I am taking it to a League Day in my nearest city next month, hoping to attract some interest and try playing with people who know Pokemon. Most of the people I play with in town here stopped following the games after Gen 2 or 3 and the TCG long before that.
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