Pokemon Custom Mats???

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Mew123, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    I have seen Custom Made mats for other Cards Games Like Naruto, Bleach, Yu-gi-oh, Dragonballz, etc... Im wondering if there are any Custom Made Pokemon Mats out there.

    If there were custom made pokemon mats would you like or dislike it?

    Just wondering.


    Let me know. Thanks.
  2. Donezator

    Donezator New Member

    I dont think so. Infact, I asked once and these guys said there wernt any. Although, you can take designs to places and have ur own mat printed!

  3. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Yeah I know that. I just wanted to know if anyone has seen a custom mat for pokemon. I've seen them for other games.

    There is a guy who can make mats at the store that I go to. There mainly yu gi oh mats but I asked him if he could make Pokemon ones and he said yes. I'll have to trade him yu gi oh or something I guess. I was going to find some neat pokemon pics to see if he could make one for me.

    Do you think I should try and get one made?
  4. BLiZzArD

    BLiZzArD New Member

  5. PokeDad

    PokeDad Forum Moderator

    Rather than post a link to a commercial site, I will just say that if you do an internet search using the words "Pokemon Mat", you will find a play mat for a two player game that has been around forever still available for purchase.
  6. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Did you draw those? Thats cool. I wanted to have card zones on mine.

    Pokedad - I know those exist. I was talking about ones that people made. Custom made ones.
  7. BLiZzArD

    BLiZzArD New Member

    yeah I drew all of the either on my computer or with sharpies

  8. SteveP

    SteveP New Member

    I have one that was made with iron-on transfers. Rumor has it, you can make them, but you can't sell them or give them away as tournament prizes - copyright infringements - unless of course you get PUI and/or TPC permission.
  9. meganium45

    meganium45 New Member

    Newman has one of the best ones ever seen.

  10. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    SteveP - People on ebay are doing no nos then:)

    Where did you hear that rumor? Also If I trade for one is that bad?
  11. SteveP

    SteveP New Member

    Personal experience, that's all I can say. :redface:

    Let me clarify. Producing AND selling copyrighted products is enfringement. Selling something you didn't produced yourself (ie., given to you, purchased by you) isn't usually illegal, although, the copyright owner could probably take legal action to confiscate such illegally produced products.
  12. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Ok that makes sence. What about if I traded for it? What would happen to the person that traded it to me?
  13. Vegetasou

    Vegetasou New Member

    So does that include my own sketches of copyrighted material that I choose to sell on Ebay? Would I be infringing upon copyright issues?
  14. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    I don't think so, I would think that could be classified as fanart, which as far as i know, is totally legal, but don't 100% quote me on that
  15. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Nice mats there Blizz, the Eevee crew is sweet!
  16. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 New Member

    Yeah,I have to agree with you there. I'd LOVE to get a hold of one of those.

    For all of you who haven't seen it, its made out of the same stuff mousepads are and the artwork is very professional. Kinda looks like some sort of paint job you'd have done at a store to a shirt if I recall correctly.
  17. typo

    typo New Member

    that would be nice
  18. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Yeah I agree.
  19. DarkLordSigma

    DarkLordSigma New Member

    Look everyone, Sigma's posting! *cough*

    Anyway, though I miss the old fabric mats of olden days (I still have mine, though its seen better days), there are a few options I can think of to make cool-looking custom play mats.

    You could simply draw and color your own, then take it to practically any larger office supply store (Office Max or Staples, for example) and get it laminated.

    You could take it a step further and design one on computer, then take it up to an aforementioned store and have it printed/laminated. I'm actually considering this now. Hey, send me a PM. I can probably come up with a blank template, then apply designs. Photoshop rules like that.
  20. ultimatedra

    ultimatedra New Member

    i now have found a place (Local) that does that sort of printing. i bought a blank playmat off of e-bay, took the mat to them and they said they could do it, but it is EXPENSIVE!

    for the mat,shipping,and printing it came to almost $75 a piece.....i got 2 :D

    i am picking up later this week when i dont have to work, and i will let you guys know the results.

    ~Professor ultimatedra~
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