Pokemon League Still In Adelaid Australia

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ranmasaotomes, Aug 17, 2003.

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  1. ranmasaotomes

    ranmasaotomes New Member

    If anyone is still looking for the Pokemon League in Adelaide... There is a league at the Fihermans Wharf Markets in Port Adelaide each Sunday. We are trying to get approved for the new Pokemon EX league by nintendo. Still waiting to hear as of yet.

    But we usually still have alot of fun. Most of us down there have game boy advances and we love to mix records so we all have each others secret base in the game.

    Hopefully for all the Adelaide people reading this... See you there.
  2. ranmasaotomes

    ranmasaotomes New Member

    The league is still going in adelaide. Would like to see more people down there to support us. :p

    Would be great as we are starting to get EX Sandstorm within the next two weeks.

    Plus I don't know of anywhere else to play the league since Tactics Adelaide closed down.

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