Pokemon TCG Expensive?

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by sh0ryu_repp4, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. sh0ryu_repp4

    sh0ryu_repp4 New Member

    When I was first deciding to get into this game a lot of people told me a benefit was that this game wasn't super expensive to play.

    But every top deck I have seen since I started researching the scene is crazy expensive. It seems to follow the format of: 90% of the cards are dirt cheap and then there's 8-10 cards you NEED for the deck to even function that are all 50-80 EACH.

    Am I looking at this wrong, or is this a thing with this game?
  2. Higliphics

    Higliphics New Member

    Not all good decks will be expensive. Yes, there are some good staple cards that are good to have that are costly, but you can build a viable deck without them. I, personally, have put quite a bit of money into my decks, but that was a personal decision. "Meta" decks can be costly, which I'm sure you've looked at Rayquaza EX, Mewtwo EX, and Darkrai EX in that listing. Right now especially card prices have jumped up. With the new rotation of cards in (and out), decks are able to make a comeback that had a lot harder time against other decks and did not prove to be very strong. I assume, and hope, that card prices will go down. With the new Battle Arena deck that comes out Wednesday, you are able to get a lot of good staple cards for $30 for the pack (which has over $50 worth of cards). It just depends on what you want to put into the game, and how you want to build your deck.

    I hope prices haven't scared you away from playing a truly fun game!
  3. sh0ryu_repp4

    sh0ryu_repp4 New Member

    well my thing is that i want to play in tournaments and be competitive but it seems like the only decks that can hang around in that space are $300+

    i will check out that battle arena thing tho.

    - - - Updated - - -

    holey moley yeah i just looked that thing up that is going to help ALOT
  4. PichuPurchase

    PichuPurchase New Member

    Ebay is your best friend for purchasing cards you need at cheap prices!
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    I know Shaymin EX is going to be expensive.
    What are the other cards that you're considering "must haves" that fall into the $50+ range?
  6. sh0ryu_repp4

    sh0ryu_repp4 New Member

    Well I wanted to build Mewtwo EX. And between 4 Mewtwos, 2 Shaymins, 4 VS Seekers, the cost was getting ridiculous. But now that I have a better understanding of why prices are the way they are, I think I am going to start by building a cheaper, yet still competitive deck, before I "graduate" to anything else.

    I really appreciate the feedback tho.
  7. Higliphics

    Higliphics New Member

    To be honest, you don't need 2 Shaymins. My friend runs a Mewtwo deck and it is killer and consistent with just 1 Shaymin. She also runs Garbodor for his ability Garbotoxin. I run it in my Darkrai/Giratina deck. You just have to find a build that is better for you. You can find cards pretty cheap if you look around. My friend bought a Shaymin (same friend) for $35 a few months ago. She just broke down and bought another one and saved $15 on it. Just don't get discouraged and build up little by little!
  8. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    Yeah, the game is quite expensive. Even Octillery will run you about 15 bucks. I even learned the other day full art N is over 100 bucks. All you can do is figure out the deck you want to play and save some money. Be sure you really want to play Mewtwo EX before investing in it.

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