Pokemon TCGO Battle Live! Tina Vs. Tony

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    Each Wednesday at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT, Pokemon player Tina Michie (homeofmew) and organizer Anthony Haslage (Ntanel StormBlade) will compete LIVE to see who can build the best deck in a given format. The catch is, you can help along the way from sometimes selecting the format, to choosing a team to join and assisting with deck construction! To participate, you must first join our Discord (https://discord.gg/PzJfQA8 #PokemonTCGOBattleLIVE). Once on the air, there will be two Twitch LIVE streams, one from Tina’s and another from Tony’s perspective. You can then join either #TeamTina or #TeamTony and the corresponding Discord channel to get involved!


    Mar. 6: Standard
    Mar. 13: Community Vote
    Mar. 20: St. Patrick's Day (Green PKMN)
    Mar. 27: Community Vote
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