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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by pokemon99, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. pokemon99

    pokemon99 New Member

    Hello there. I have recently been wanting to trade, and found that the trade thread was no longer stickied, and had died down to the 6th page. I wanted to revive it so that I could get some trades in.
    * IMPORTANT UPDATE Please note that this thread is ONLY for your trade lists. Any discussions to work out a trade are to be PM'D ONLY

    Please format your posts to look like so:

    Also, if you are posting a trade thread, please use the code tags to conserve space and make the pages look better. An example of how to use code tags is shown below.

    [gal=49938]CODE tags[/gal]
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  2. pokemon99

    pokemon99 New Member

    Pokemon99's trading list​

    Please read these rules. They are not particularly unique, but I will assume you have read them - and agreed with them.

    1. Do not trade me hacks. Everything in this thread that I bred/caught myself is absolutely, unequivocally legit. Some pokemon I offer here were bred/caught by other forum members. I only put such pokemon in my shop if I totally believe in the integrity of that member. However, if such a pokemon turns out to be hacked, I will repay anyone who traded for it in a way that satisfies them.

    3. Don't redistribute my pokemon unless I say you can. This includes inter-distribution between trade partners - if you both want one of my pokemon, then it is only fair for you to each give me one of yours. I am one person and you are two.

    4. I don't deliberately ignore posts. If I skip your post, it was definitely an accident - please just give me a gentle reminder, and I'll get right on it

    5. The only exception to the previous rule is that I may ignore posts that say things like "what do you want for *****?". If I don't know what you have, I don't know what I can ask for. I have a wants list (coming soon) which you could have checked.

    6. Do NOT spam or flame EVER! First offense will be a warning. Second offense will be a one week ban. The third time, and you will be moved to my Wall of Disgrace where you will be banned from my Thread forever. A post like this "I want your TRU arceus" WILL BE CONSIDERED SPAM unless you make an effort to look at my wants list, or offer me something

    7. I will ALWAYS try to get a trade done within 3-4 days, but sometimes life gets in the way, and I will have to postpone trading a little bit. If you are not going to try and reschedule if life gets in the way for one of the party's, then DO NOT offer to trade with me. If I am busy, you will be moved to my waiting list, and will be PM'd when I am ready to trade with you.

    Recent updates


    Pokemon Emerald - OT:Ash - ID: 12919
    Pokemon Diamond - OT:Bob - ID: 05317
    Friend Code - 4640-0794-8569 
    Pokemon Diamond 2 - OT: - ID:
    Friend Code -  
    Pokemon Platinum - OT: Matthew - ID: 36140 
    Friend Code - 5456-6938-7325
    Pokemon Heart Gold - OT: - ID: 
    Friend Code -  
    Pokemon Heart Gold 2 - OT: - ID: 
    Friend Code -  
    Pokemon Soul Silver - OT: ~P99 - ID:
    Friend Code:
    Pokemon Pearl - OT: - ID: 
    Friend Code - 
    Pending Trades
    Completed Trades

    -Well EVd Pokémon ready for competitive battling
    *I will give shinies or Events for EVd Pokémon
    -UT Pokémon that have good natures and IVs
    *Shinies and or Events 
    -EVENTS I don't HAVE (post any events you have and I will consider it)
    *Will trade practically anything for them
    -Specific Pokémon I want
    *Will trade practically anything for them
    Any legendaries 
    TRU arceus
    TRU dragonite
    TRU shaymin
    TRU regigigas
    Space Center Deoxys
    Manaphy Egg
    VGC milotic
    JP. Time Travel Celebi
    World09 Weavile
    JP. Crown Entei
    JP. Crown Raikou
    JP. Crown Suicune
    GMSTP Shiny Raikou
    GMSTP Shiny Entei
    JP. Goons Scizor
    Poketopia Electivire
    Poketopia Magmortar
    WSHMKR Jirachi
    Hayley's Combee
    JP. Movie 9 Arceus 
    SMR2010 Jirachi
    Pikachu Coloured Pichu
    JP. Sea Chart Deoxys
    FAL2010 Mew
    VGC Eevee
    Pokewalker Surfing Pikachu
    Shiny Enigma Stone Latios
    10th Aniv Pikachu
    Tentacool lv. 21 UT Sassy 20 - 22 / 22 / 8 / 0 - 2 / 18 / 7
    Tentacool lv. 29 UT Relaxed 20 - 23 / 26 / 18 - 19 / 0 - 3 / 13 / 16
    Geodude lv. 19 UT
    Budew lv. 7 UT
    Ponyta Lv. 19 UT
    Pineco lv. 20 UT
    Meditite lv. 25 UT
    Krictetune lv. 19 UT
    Buneary lv. 10 UT
    Buizel lv. 11 UT
    Golduck lv. 39 UT
    Bidoof lv. 13 UT
    Bibarel lv. 24 UT
    Kricketot lv. 4 UT
    Growlithe lv. 1 UT
    Sentret lv. 17 UT
    Starly lv. 3 UT
    Shinx lv. 6 UT 
    EV Training
    IV/Shiny breeding
    Regular Pokemon:
    Anything breedable 
    High level Pokemon
    Breeding Projects

    Want a few things from my thread, but I don't need anything from you?
    Then why not do a breeding project for me?
    If you would like to do one, then please read these rules carefully. They are there for the benefit of both parties, ensuring we both know where we stand.
    Most (if not all) of the projects in this section will be 5th Generation shiny breeds. Most of us are able to implement the steps to getting a shiny egg. Some people are also able to manipulate the RNG into giving them perfect IV's. If you are able to do this, I would like to know. The payment will be exactly the same in both cases, so it is not only a quicker way to finish the project, but the end result will be a better pokemon to go in both of our shops.
    Breeding Project Rules:
    1. Distribution.
    We both get to distribute the pokemon you breed. Neither of us will give distribution rights to anyone else. Neither of us will put it (or any spitbacks) in our shops, or take any pre-orders, until we both have a copy of it. Neither of us will hold any kind of Giveaway featuring the pokemon.
    2. Experience.
    Let me know how much breeding experience you have so we can choose a suitable project. Also, let me know roughly how long you expect it will take, and give me updates as to how you're going.
    3. Payment.
    Paymet will generally be 3 pokemon for a project that has been completed to my satisfaction. You can get a bonus 4th pokemon if you provide me with an UT and EV'd version. If you have any issues about payment etc, let's discuss them before you start the project just so we know where we stand.
    4. Trophy Pokemon as Payment
    Generally I will let you choose one trophy pokemon per project, and it will count for two credits. Please let me know up-front if you want a trophy poke as part of your payment.
    6. Project Ideas.
    Zoura - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Shiny 
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  3. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Wants: Lv.50 or higher Nidoqueen(Must be EV'd in SP.Defense.
     Lv.50 or higher Jumpluff (must be EV'd in Speed)
    Haves: Shines:
    EV Trained:
    Specially Bred:
    I have other stuff, feel free to ask.
  4. ultimatedra

    ultimatedra New Member

    E4A and Pokemon99 - take it to PM.

    You should NEVER have to get around the seventeen rule in the thread.
  5. chase4787

    chase4787 New Member

    Does anyone have an extra shiny raikou?

    I just found out they are available in Canada and today is the last day so I probably won't make it into the city to get one so I was wondering if anyone got a second they would trade me. I'd be willing to trade Pokemon or cards (Cml for cards). I hope someone can help me out. Thanks
  6. chase4787

    chase4787 New Member

    Sadly no. We don't get many events and I just upgraded from my gameboy colour a few months ago so I missed quite a few. Is there anything I could interest you in for 2 raikou? Or atleast 1?
  7. pokemon99

    pokemon99 New Member

    Sorry, but the store I was supposed to be getting it from never received the distributor. I MAY be getting one later this week, that I can give you.
    Also, do you have any shinies or pokemon with good IV's?
  8. pokemon99

    pokemon99 New Member

    I have updated my 2nd post with a list of all the events that I have

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  9. giantopper

    giantopper New Member

    looking for:

    Fall2010 Mew UT lvl 5 TIMID
    -must be timid


    Crowned beasts
  10. cheetochee

    cheetochee New Member

    Anyone want to trade I'm looking for a toys r us event reggigigas
  11. EricDent

    EricDent New Member


    Celebi (that triggers "Time Travel" event)
    Shiny Raikou

    ANY Item, Medicine, Pokeball, Berry (used Action Replay to get)
    Willing to put these on the Pokemon listed below.
    Pokemon: (no shiny Pokemon, sorry)
    Note: Level 100 Pokemon were given full compliment of vitamins & then rare candies.
    Willing to trade multiple Pokemon for the ones I need.
    Miltank Lv. 13
    Herracross Lv. 100
    Graveler Lv. 24 (you get Golem)
    Clamperl Lv. 1 (with DeepSeaTooth) (willing to level up if need be)
    Clamperl Lv. 20 (with DeepSeaScale)
    Machoke Lv. 40 (you get Machamp)
    Rotom Lv.1 (willing to level up)
    Rotom Lv. 30
    Rotom Lv. 30
    Rotom Lv. 30
    Rotom Lv. 30 (these are currently in the "Appliances" but will turn into normal when traded)
    Kadabra Lv. 42 (you get Alakazam)
    Gallade Lv. 30
    Mothim Lv. 20
    Wormadam (Sandy) Lv. 20
    Wormadam (Trash) Lv. 20
    Haunter Lv. 32 (you get Gengar)
    Scyther Lv. 28 (with Metal Coat)
    Rhydon Lv. 43 (with Protector)
    Onix Lv. 32 (with Metal Coat)
    Electabuzz Lv. 40 (with Electirizer)
    Magmar Lv. 40 (with Magmarizer)
    Entei Lv. 42 (caught in game)
    Suicune Lv. 40 (caught in game)
    Porygon Lv. 1 (willing to put Upgrade/Devious Disc on & level up if need be)
    Venusaur Lv. 100
    Blastoise Lv. 100
    Garchomp Lv. 100
    Treeko Lv. 1
    Dragonite Lv. 100 (no ExtremeSpeed)
    Crawdaunt Lv. 100
    Swampert Lv. 100
    Meganium Lv. 100
    Typhlosion Lv. 100
    Charizard Lv. 100
    Marowak Lv. 100
    Altaria Lv. 100
    Salamence Lv. 100
    Gliscor Lv. 100
    Sceptile Lv. 100
    Blaziken Lv. 100
    Feraligatr Lv. 100
    Togekiss Lv. 100
    Infernape Lv. 100
    Empoleon Lv. 100
    Torterra Lv. 100
    Tyranitar Lv. 100
    Natures, Moves, and other info as requested.
    I tend to be on Gamefaqs as well if need be.

    Soul Silver FC: 5156 5772 6549
  12. pokemon99

    pokemon99 New Member

    @Eric, I'll give you the Shiny Raikou, Time Travel Celebi, and an azelf on the weekend for free. PM me for confirmation please.
  13. EricDent

    EricDent New Member

    Note: I no longer need any of the Pokemon on my list.
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  14. zzirGee

    zzirGee New Member

    be my pal.mine is 4082 7945 3575.ps i am looking for a shiny blastoise.

    ---------- Post added 03/02/2011 at 03:12 PM ----------

    pm me with your FC.willing to trade.want shiny blastoise. my Fc is 4082 7945 3575
  15. PMysterious

    PMysterious New Member

    I want the Time Travel Celebi and I am willing to trade, I know I sound stupid but I am trading Sunkern eggs. since they are eggs you can nickname and Ev Train it however you want. Not that Sunflora is good but it will have some use.
  16. cheetochee

    cheetochee New Member

    I have just started breeding zoruas that know snarl pm me if you want one
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  17. Nintendan

    Nintendan Active Member

    1x Shiny Deino (Modest/Timid nature)
    1x Time-Travel Event Celebi
    Anything from #001 - #200
    Some other Pokémon you may want
    1x Shiny Starly
    1x Shiny Machop
  18. I have five fourth gen cartridges, I am always trading stuff.
    I'm also a pokemon breeder, and I have missed a few events,

    Rayquaza Adamant/Jolly
    Beldum Jolly
    Kyogre Timid
    Gamestp Deoxys
    Any Raikou

    Shiny Dogs,
    Bold cresselia
    Adamant Shiny Gallade
    and countless egg bred pokemonmessage for more.
  19. grimlithwarrior

    grimlithwarrior New Member

    Golem,Golurk,Gyarados,Glaceon and Charizard
    All Ev Trained
    Celebi and Zorua

    High Want Shiny Rhyhorn
    Black and White Shiny Pokemon
    Or the Evolved forms

    I use pokemon White.
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  20. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    Need these pokemon:
    Electross (Lv. 50 or above)
    Galvantula (Lv.50 or above)

    Just ask for what you want I have a lot.
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