Pokemon with Dark Resistance

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Laxation, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Laxation

    Laxation New Member

    I'm stumped right now trying to think of a pokemon with a resistance to Dark, preferably of 30.

    Does anyone have a list of some that are resistant, or a site that will show me quickly and easily which ones are resistant?
    I don't want to go through all my cards looking!
  2. Nintendan

    Nintendan Active Member

    Bebe's Search doesn't show anything with Dark resistance.
    I haven't really seen a card with Dark Resistance.
  3. Laxation

    Laxation New Member

    i thought that might be the case...

    is there some card, stadium maybe, that will reduce the attack of an Umbreon?
  4. Morten

    Morten New Member

    I think the closest is unwon D from neo genesis
  5. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    in modified there is no card which has :dark: resistance. however 3 special metalls (if you play a :metal: pokemon) help against umbreon
  6. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    There's also Defender and Buffer Piece. Both aren't constant damage lowering cards though so I doubt they're of much use to you.
  7. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    Donphan, Abomasnow will reduce it, but they're stuck with bodies.
  8. Qwachansey

    Qwachansey New Member

    Nidoqueen will heal it off?
  9. Laxation

    Laxation New Member

    Thats pretty perfect, thanks for that suggestion!
    Between that and Nidoqueen for any special darks I should be right I reckon.
  10. Noah121

    Noah121 New Member

    Of course, you can't use Unown "D" from Neo Discovery in a Modified deck.

    As of now, there are no cards with Resistance to Darkness... in fact, Darkness is currently the only type that no card has Resistance to. Even Metal is Resisted by Lightning-types!

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