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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pokemonz23, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. pokemonz23

    pokemonz23 New Member

    I dont trade outside of the U.S.
    don't rip me off
    all of my cards are mint unless stated otherwise, I hope yours are too
    no world championship deck cards either

    FA=Full Art
    RH=Reverse Holo


    3x ND Pack Codes
    1x NV Pack Code
    1x EP Pack Code
    1x Zekrom EX Tin Code

    1000+ points of bulk

    Base Set:
    1x Nidoking
    1x Alakazam
    1x Magneton
    2x Chansey

    2x Zekrom EX FA (Only if Mewtwo EX, Tropical Beach, or Pokemon * are involved)
    1x Mewtwo EX FA (Only if Tropical Beach, Pokemon *, or multiple Mewtwo EX are involved)

    1x Zekrom EX (Promo)

    Gold *s:
    1x Jolteon *

    1x Shiftry ex 97/108
    1x Shiftry ex 97/100
    1x Walrein ex 99/108
    1x Sneasel ex 103/109
    1x Absol ex 92/108
    1x Blaziken ex 89/95
    1x Typhlosion ex 99/100
    1x Mightyena ex 101/110
    1x Skarmory ex 98/108
    1x Flygon ex 94/108
    1x Hitmonchan ex 98/109
    1x Medicham ex 95/106
    1x Cacturne ex 91/106
    1x Delcatty ex 91/100
    1x Muk ex 96/97

    Secret Rares:
    1x Thundurus FA
    1x Virizion FA

    1x Mew Prime
    2x Absol P TU
    1x Raichu P UD
    2x Tyranitar P UL

    1x Kyurem NV
    12x foil grass energy (3x wavy foil, 3x current league foil)
    1x foil HGSS Metal Energy (Call of Legends pack)
    5x foil psychic energy (1x wavy foil, 4x curent league foil)
    3x Lucario ND (1x RH)
    3x Scrafty ND (1x RH)
    1x Cincinno ND
    2x Emboar BW (1x Pack, 1x non-foil from deck)
    2x Tornadus (1x RH)
    1x Thundurus (1x RH)
    2x Reshiram BW (1x RH)
    1x Zoroark EP
    2x Landorus NV
    1x KlingKlang BW
    3x Excadrill (1x Pack, 2x Deck)
    2x Terrakion EP
    1x Victreebel TU
    1x Raichu HGSS
    1x Magmortar CoL
    1x N RH
    1x Rocky Helmet RH
    1x Eviolite RH
    3x Beartic EP RH
    2x Vanilluxe NV RH
    1x Conkeldurr [Ability] RH
    1x Ho-oh CoL RH
    1x Clefairy CoL RH
    1x Servine BW RH
    1x Lilipup BW RH
    1x Full Heal BW RH
    1x Munna BW RH

    Notable Cards:
    3x Pokemon Catcher (Only if Mewtwo EX, Tropical Beach, Pokemon *, or Shaymin EX FA is involved)

    Wants: (all preferably in highest foil version form, ex: Reverse Holo or FA)
    Xx Mewtwo EX (any) *********************
    2x Pokemon Catcher *********************
    Xx Pokemon Gold Stars ************************
    Xx Old pokemon exs *********************

    4x N FA ***

    1x Shaymin EX (any) **
    2x Cobalion FA **

    2x Feraligatr Prime * (need totodiles and croconaws with it though)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2012
  2. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    CML for your Mewtwo-EX FA? Thanks!
  3. pokemonz23

    pokemonz23 New Member

    only saw shaymin ex. btw how do I report my itrader references from another site?
  4. Vegetasou

    Vegetasou New Member

    4x Celebi Prime
    1x Zekrom Ex
    2x Pokemon Collector RH

    1x Mewtwo Ex FA

    Lmk thx!
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  5. pokemonz23

    pokemonz23 New Member

    Vegetasou, Ill pass, Im saving Mewtwo for my higher up wants
  6. Madchamp

    Madchamp New Member

    Cml for mewtwo ex FA and reg
  7. luxraygarchomp

    luxraygarchomp New Member

    hey il give you my
    1x Regigigas EX full art
    1x Shaymin EX full art
    2 Pokemon Catcher
    2x Rare Candy
    2x Gardevoir
    4x Celebi Prime
    3x Zekrom FA
    1x Tyranitar Prime
    2x Pokemon Collector
    for your mewtwo Ex full art
  8. meghanchu

    meghanchu New Member

    Interested in your:
    Mewtwo EX FA
    Zekrom EX

    Rare Candies, Collector's, Tyranitar prime.
    CML. :)
  9. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    CML for..

    Mewtwo EX x1 - ND FA
  10. Aymara

    Aymara New Member


    1x Regigigas EX (reg)
    1x Shaymin EX (reg)
    2x Pokemon Catcher
    2x Rare Candy
    2x Gardevoir (1 RH)
    1x Tyranitar Prime
    1x FA Zekrom


    Mewtwo EX FA

    Feel free to CML/counter. Thanks!
  11. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:


    i have:

    2x Gardevoir ND
    1x Celebi Prime
    1x Zekrom FA
    1x Tyranitar Prime
    2x Pokemon Collector (player rewards)
  12. TLesky

    TLesky New Member

    i have from your wants

    1x Shaymin EX (any) ****

    2x Rare Candy ***
    2x Gardevoir ***

    4x Celebi Prime **
    3x Zekrom FA **
    1x Tyranitar Prime **

    any chancewe can work out a deal for your mewtwo??:thumb:
  13. bigboy61546

    bigboy61546 New Member

    Celebi Prime
    T-tar Prime

    Meowth NV
    Zekrom EX
  14. Joonas

    Joonas New Member

    I Intresting your
    1x Pikachu BW
    1x Meowth NV
    1x Virizion FA

  15. calisupra2nr

    calisupra2nr New Member

    zekrom EX FA
    shaymin EX
    pokemon catcher
    tyranitar prime
    2x Pokemon Collector

    mewtwo ex
  16. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    I have 1 Catcher. Do you have any of my EP wants?
  17. Salamance

    Salamance New Member


    2x Zekrom FA EX
    1x Regigigas EX
    2x Pokemon Catcher RH
    2x Rare Candy
    2x Celebi Prime
    3x Zekrom FA
    2x Pokemon Collector RH


    2x Chansey (Base)
    1x Mewtwo EX
    1x Ho-oh (COL)
  18. Namurashi

    Namurashi New Member

    I'm interested in your.. x1 FA Mewtwo-EX x1 Zekrom-EX x3 FA Tornadus

    I have x2 Pokemon Collector x2 Rare Candy CML?
  19. platinumwaiter

    platinumwaiter New Member

    Shaymin EX
    Regigigas EX
    Zekrom EX FA
    2x Catcher
    Celebi Prime

    Mewtwo EX FA
  20. pokemonz23

    pokemonz23 New Member

    MEWTWO EX FA is no longer available :(

    luxray: not really digging the negative itrader

    meganchu: I dont really want to trade those unless some of my higher wants are involved

    payerplayer: Only thing I want from EP is catchers.

    I Will edit this post shortly, I am leaving an area where I will have internet and am in a rush
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