PokePopCast 16: How to Survive a Deck Check

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    PokePopCast 16: How to Survive a Deck Check


    In this episode we focus on what players can do to make sure that their deck and decklist successfully gets through a deck check and doesn't cause them any problems in the tournament.
    We also give some tips and pointers to judges.

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    Good info as usual!

    Deck check is necessary detail work that judges have to do well time after time deck after deck. At my last Regional our deck team did 122 deck checks over the two days. The work can be interesting but most of the focus is on efficiency and completeness. Help yourself by making your deck list easy to check.

    I guess I disagree that you can fill out set and collector number for trainers and energy. No list form I can recall provides for this in the output. In fact I would advise players not to fill out set and collector number for trainers and energy. You’ll make a mess of the energy section. The reward for such efforts in the trainer section at best is a waste of your time; at worst you could make an error and a less experienced deck checker could give you a penalty.

    Dirty sleeves are disrespectful - I like that statement. If your hands sweat a lot maybe start big events with a fresh set of sleeves and stuff a pocket handkerchief or microfiber washcloth and a small tube of sanitizer to use before you start to set up each round.

    Sleeves need to be uniform not necessarily new. New sleeves are easier to keep uniform during a long tournament; older sleeves with uniform wear may succumb to various handling wear quicker and the wear become non uniform and therefore marked.

    I advise players to randomize the deck before sleeving. That way manufacturing differences you may not notice between packs of sleeves don’t become “marked with a pattern” which is a heavier penalty than marked without a pattern.

    Look at your sleeves before the event.
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    I don't think I said that set and number should be filled out for Trainers and energy. My apologies if it seems that I did.
    Can you time reference that?

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