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  1. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Coming in I thought I had about 3 options. Ludicolo, Metagross, or Walrein. Since I had been playing Ludicolo for a couple months now, I figured I'd just go with the safe deck.

    Pokémon 21

    4 Lotad (Surprise)
    3 Lombre (Rain Dish)
    4 Ludicolo (3 Circular Steps, 1 Water Punch)
    3 Slugma (Collect)
    3 Magcargo (Smooth Over)
    4 Dunsparce

    Trainers 24

    3 Celio's Network
    3 Steven's Advice
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Rocket's Admin.
    2 TV Reporter
    2 Ancient Tomb
    1 Copycat
    1 VS Seeker
    1 ATM Rock
    1 Mr. Briney's Compassion
    1 Warp Point
    1 Pow! Hand Extension
    1 Strength Charm
    1 Crystal Shard
    1 Pokémon Retriever

    Energy 15

    8 Water
    3 Double Rainbow
    2 Scramble
    2 Heal

    The whole day I was getting comments like "What ELSE are you using with Ludicolo and Magcargo?" I found that you don't NEED any extra lines in order for this deck to do well. It's fine with just Ludi/Cargo, honestly. I had tested this list quite a lot. Before the tournament I noticed about half the field was Lightning, so I just decided to add another Ancient Tomb. I was fairly confident with this deck.

    So I got there around 11 with Abe (CMT), and we see RaNd0m! I nearly threw up. :p I hadn't seen Jon in about 2 years, so this was awesome. We also saw Derrick (HypnosProjectHQ), Matt (Rulemaster), Eric (PokeWisconsin), and many more. As time went on, I met with Alex (Chuck), Jason (Ness), Paul, Adam (Ice'Cold), Jimmy (BANGINBOX), Dave (AXE), Colin (swanton1717), and a bunch more I'm forgetting.

    Anyway, the tournament was about to start. Here we go. :D

    Round 1 - Medicham ex/Magneton/Grumpig

    Ok, really didn't know what to expect here. My setup was decent, all I saw of his was a Magnemite. Eventually I got a Ludicolo or two going with a Magcargo, and gained the lead. That's when it turned around. He used Pow! on my Magcargo, then Admin. Then he used Medicham ex to just attack my bench. I couldn't use any Powers due to Medicham ex, and I couldn't draw into any Energy. Eventually I was able to attack with DRE on Magcargo, and I was slowly taking down his Medicham ex. He sent up another one and continued to hit my bench. I hit the other one for 50 w/ a Strength Charm. The whole time I was thinking "Don't Admin don't Admin don't Admin!!!!" He KO'd my Magcargo, I sent up another one, attach a Water, ATM Rock to take down both Medicham ex at once. Good game.


    Round 2 - Xatu/Wigglytuff/Rocket's Snorlax ex?

    I was unsure what this guy was really playing. All I saw was a Natu and Jigglypuff. My opening hand consisted of 3 Lotad, so that was a bummer. I couldn't get anything going until about the 5th turn, when I finally KO'd his Natu with Ludicolo. Next turn I took down his Jigglypuff.


    Round 3 - Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Gorebyss (BANGINBOX)

    It had been a while since Jimmy and I played. I knew what he was playing, I'm sure he knew what I was using. He started off fairly well, I started pretty bad. He took 2 prizes early, but that's when it turned around. I used Pow! to bring up his Lanturn that was waiting, and KO'd it. That pretty much ended the game. He was unable to recover from there, and a nice ATM Rock to get rid of 2 DRE pretty much sealed it. Nice game.


    So, here was the lunch break. Most of the people I knew were doing well. Even RaNd0m. =P Anyway, on to the next round...

    Round 4 - Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Gorebyss (AXE)

    Oh boy, same deck as last round. I knew I could win fairly easily, all I needed was a decent setup. However... Slugma start. :D I couldn't get anything all game. I tried to buy time with a Pow! on his Magcargo, but he used 2 Warp Points to get out of it and KO my only remaining threat. Ouch.


    Round 5 - Electrode ex/Rayquaza ex/Zapdos ex (Paul)

    I think Paul is still pretty new to the game. He played in Illinois States as well. I didn't have a too promising start, and he had a Voltorb (which is horrible for me). I figured a T2 Zapdos ex was coming, but instead he evolved to Electrode ex. He took out a Lotad and a Dunsparce, then instead of KO'ing my Magcargo he did 50 to it. That's probably where the mistake was. From there, I got 3 Ludicolo and 2 Magcargo out, and he was hopeless. Paul's getting better though. =)


    Round 6 - Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar (Ice'Cold)

    We played before the tournament, and he was beating me pretty bad when he had to leave. I decided to take a different approach on this game since he went offensive with Ampharos instead of going for the normal Rock Lock. I had a pretty bad start, with 2 Dunsparce and no Energy. -_- Eventually I got to Strike and Run and got 2 Magcargo out. He had a pretty firm control on the game. I sent up Lotad, Rare Candy, Ludicolo, Scramble and hit him for 90. He retreated to Dark Tyranitar and ATM Rock. I did the same thing again to his Tyranitar. He KO'd my Ludicolo with Second Strike. I send up my Lombre, evolve to Ludicolo, and ATM Rock. Took down his Dark Ampharos, Dark Tyranitar, AND brought his other Dark Ampharos down to a Mareep. Suddenly the game turned around in my favor. He had 3 prizes left to my 4. I KO something small of his. Tie game. This is about the time where he makes the FATAL mistake of not using Smooth Over to get ATM Rock, which would have taken down both my Magcargo. This allows me to Briney one of them. He starts building a Dark Pupitar on the bench, then ATM Rock to KO one of my Magcargo. 2 prizes left for him, 3 for me. I use Pow! to bring up his Dark Pupitar, Admin. to mess him up, and KO his Dark Pupitar. Tied at 2 prizes. He sends up Magcargo, evolves to Dark Flaaffy on the bench. I KO Magcargo. He benches like 3 Pokemon for some reason, evolves to Dark Ampharos and KO's my Ludicolo. I use Warp Point, and my other Ludicolo can KO anything on his bench.


    So I definitely made the Top 16 after that. There were a lot of people I knew in it. Ness, Chuck, Jimmy, Matt, Eric, Adam, Dave, even RaNd0m! I got in as the 2nd seed somehow. I'll try to remember the matchups as best I can:

    Dave (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Gorebyss) vs. Tom D. (Medicham ex/Grumpig/Magneton)
    Me (Ludicolo) vs. David (Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode)
    Alex (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Breloom) vs. Will (Gardevoir)
    Jason (Muk ex) vs. Matt (Zapdos ex)
    Adam (Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar) vs. Dave (Ludicolo/Lanturn)
    Jimmy (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Breloom) vs. RaNd0m (Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar/TAUROS :p)
    Eric (Gardevoir) vs. Rob (Ludicolo/Kingdra)
    Jaeger (Blaziken) vs. BigginZZZ (Jumpluff/Gorebyss/Lanturn)

    Top 16 - Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode

    Game One: I wasn't too thrilled to face this deck. Rocket's Sneasel ex is annoying for Magcargo. Dark Electrode is a pain for Ludicolo. He started with Rocket's Sneasel ex and goes "Not a favorable starter..." But I knew that was the WORST possible starter for me to face. He can just Drag Off whatever he wants and never really allow me to set up. It got to a point where I sent up Ludicolo to attack, and I was just hoping he didn't have Voltorb/Rare Candy/Dark Electrode in his hand. But.. he did. The whole time he had Dark Dragonite on the bench with 3 Dark on it, and I was just DYING to Pow/Shard it. The turn came when I was about to do it and... TWO Rare Candy prized. So that plan failed and I couldn't do anything. I lost that one.

    Game Two: This game was completely different. He starts with a Dratini and I start with Dunsparce. I use Strike and Run, I basically have the best hand possible for my deck. He puts me to Sleep, otherwise turn 2 I have the win with Shard + Ludicolo. However, I just have to wait a turn and KO his Dark Dragonair with a Shard.

    Game Three: This game he finally starts with Dunsparce, which actually gave me a sigh of a relief. I get a fairly good start while he isn't able to get anything. There's a point in the game where he has 2 Dark on Dark Electrode and 2 Dark on Kingdra, and I'm unsure whether to go on the offensive or not. All he has is a 1 card hand, so I figure he won't have the Rainbow to attack me with Dark Electrode. I'm right and he can't do anything the rest of the game. He was a good player and deserves credit.

    So, the Top 8 looks like this I think:

    Dave (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Gorebyss) vs. Eric (Gardevoir)
    Me (Ludicolo) vs. Jason (Muk ex)
    Alex (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Breloom) vs. Jimmy (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Gorebyss)
    Adam (Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar) vs. ??? (Blaziken)

    Top 8 - Muk ex (Ness)

    Game One: I have faced this deck several times in testing. It's very annoying, but I always seem to pull out a win somehow. I know all its tricks pretty much. We started the game out with our trademark "Guess which hand the Cubone's in" to see who goes first. This game he didn't get a Turn 2 Muk ex out, which basically helps me a LOT. Without that I can just get everything I need and roll over him. Third turn I use Warp Point to KO his Grimer on the bench. That really set the tone for the game. We both took a few prizes, but I just outlasted him with Ludicolos. He made it difficult, as he always does, being a great player. I edged out the win.

    Game Two: This game was different, however. He got his Turn 2 Muk ex and I didn't get so hot of a start. I think this is about the time Paul comes over with his pizza and almost chokes to death, lol. Anyway. He pretty much has a hold on the whole game. However, at the end I have one chance. If I topdeck ATM Rock, I can take down both of his Muk ex at once and win. My card is... Water Energy. He plays Strength Charm and KO's Magcargo for the win.

    Game Three: This game I get a basically perfect start. Turn 2 Ludicolo/Magcargo, and I'm able to search for a turn before I'm shut down by Muk ex. Since I get setup so well, he really cannot do much, as Muk ex is not a strong attacker. The game really does come down to a Rocket's Admin. He needs Muk ex. Doesn't get it in his 4 cards. He uses Taunt to bring up Magcargo, I Briney and KO him with Ludicolo. He starts attacking with Muk ex in the end, which I do 30 to and can KO next turn for the game with another Energy. He sends up another Muk ex, Admin, and attacks. I get a Water Energy in my 2 cards which seals it. I do 50, and he's unable to KO Ludicolo. Great games Jason, you played great and you deserve a lot of credit.

    Top 4 looks like this:

    Dave (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Gorebyss) vs. Adam (Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar)
    Me (Ludicolo) vs. Alex (Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Breloom)

    Top 4 - Lanturn/Dark Hypno/Breloom (Chuck)

    Game One: After I beat Jason, Alex was pretty happy to face me and Ludicolo. I was actually fairly confident in this matchup, having tested it before. Lanturn has a tough time winning unless they get set up super fast and hit Reversals. Well, that's what happened the first game. Turn 2 he uses Swoop! to get his DrowSee, evolves to Dark Hypno, DRE and KO. I don't really have a great start. I struggle to really get anything going, while he has Lanturn and Magcargo on the bench. I'm forced to buy time with stupid manuevers like using Pow! on his Magcargo and using ATM Rock just to make him discard a Double Rainbow. It didn't help that he hit all his Reversals and my other Scramble was prized. Bah.

    Game Two: Completely different. I start with 2 Slugma, which is usually AWFUL. However, after he uses Strike and Run he switches to Jirachi. I evolve to Magcargo, DRE, and KO. From there I get a pretty nice setup. Scramble played a big role after I sacrificed a few basics. Rocket's Admin. also screwed him up BIG TIME. Basically I smash him this game.

    Game Three: This was easily the worst game I played all day. I start with Dunsparce, he starts with Shroomish and Slugma. He goes first, Sleep Powder. Sleep check... TAILS. =/ I bench Slugma in fear of a turn 2 Breloom (even though he only plays 1-1 Breloom) and pass. He evolves to Breloom and Magcargo, Smooth Over, and KO. I send up Slugma, draw my card, needing something, ANYTHING... Heal Energy. I Collect, he plays the DRE he used Smooth Over for and KO's me. What a way to end a 12 hour day. =\

    After that, Chuck started screaming and yelling which didn't help the situation. Jason was obviously trying to apologize to me about Alex, and I appreciated that. He even joked about it... "Well, at least Alex was a good sport about winning." Alex apologized to me after the tournament about the situation.

    Anyway, other than that last part, I had a lot of fun. It was great seeing everyone again. I might go down to Memphis next week, but I highly doubt it. I'll be at the Gym Challenges for sure. :D

    Other notes:

    - AXE and I rolled a die to see who would take 3rd. I would have just given him the trophy, but he asked if we wanted to roll. He won it anyway. :p
    - Yelling "POOKA" was a game loss.
    - Meganium45 and both of his kids missed the top cut by ONE spot. He took 17th (Top 16 cut), one son took 9th (Top 8 cut), and the other took 5th (Top 4 cut). I felt pretty bad for him. =(
    - Ice'Cold won the whole thing with Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar.
    - RaNd0m played TAUROS and still made Top 16. ;x
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  2. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 New Member

    Congratulations Pooka on top 4!Hope your able to make it to Memphis on the 28th.Who/what won in the 11-14?
  3. laritung

    laritung New Member

    Thanks again for writing a great report. See you in June.
  4. PokeWisconsin

    PokeWisconsin New Member

    Ice'Cold's brother Jeffrey won 11-14 with Rock Lock, the same deck Ice'Cold used to win 15+.
  5. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Moltres423: Thanks. Jeffery V. took 1st with Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar, Paris (Hedgie) took 2nd with Blastoise ex/Delcatty/Magneton.

    laritung: Thanks again. I'll see you there. :D
  6. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    SEXY report from a SEXY person. :thumb:

    If Pat were on here enough I'm sure he'd think such liberal usage of SEXY would not be SEXY =P
  7. ST Pika

    ST Pika New Member

    Good report, Pooka... I tried to get some of my friends to chant "pika!" instead of your name... but it appears to have failed. That was funny... I came back in from lunch and they tell me if you chant "pooka" you get a game loss... woah... talk about a crackdown.
  8. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    GJ Pooka, way to Top 4. Rock Lock, winning, I quit life.
  9. Metal Master

    Metal Master New Member

    Good job, Pooka! :thumb:

    Now I have to go over my LudiCargo deck again and make changes, as I'll probably be going to Memphis for regionals(I know I won't win, but it will be fun anyway. Hope you change your mind and do decide to come.)
  10. Shiloh Phoenix

    Shiloh Phoenix New Member

    Rock lock won after the release of battle frontier? How is that possible? You northern people! Yes, You! Play more battle frontier! Except when you're facing me!
  11. BigginZZZ

    BigginZZZ New Member

    on your top 16 at the bottom the ?????? (Blaziken) vs ???????? well i was one of them and i played jumpy gorbyss lanturn
  12. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Nice job and report. Actually Tauros is great tech. ;-)
  13. Congrats Kyle, you and Matt did the team proud!!! I hope some miracle comes up that lets us go to regionals lol....but yea you did great....and dont worry I heard Alex's trophy broke to pieces....lol...sorry to hear....lol

    See ya​
    Last edited: May 15, 2005
  14. RaNd0m

    RaNd0m New Member

    I'll come out and admit that playing Tauros was a huge mistake.

    However, I did show that Rock Lock is still very viable with Battle Frontier in the format, and I'm happy with that. I also made top 16 when most people assumed I'd go like 2-4 or something. It was a blast, and good job Kyle. Sorry to hear you didn't win it all... but you did alright anyway. Peace out,

    ~ Jon
  15. Rulemaster

    Rulemaster New Member

    I wish I could've faired better against jason, but you know what zapdos is without using the powers....CRAP
  16. PokeWisconsin

    PokeWisconsin New Member

    Yeah, BigChuck told me his trophy shattered when he got home.
  17. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Nice job Kyle. Props on posting your deck list. I've noticed that not many people are doing that this time around. You are obviously right in saying that Ludicargo can be run straight up. The key is the 3 RC. Your list is almost exactly the same as mine with all the single card Trainer Techs. My Pokemon line up was 4 Sparce then 2 Jirachi, 2,2,2 Ludicolo, 2,2 Cargo, 2,2 Lanturn. I noticed no Swoops in your list though. IMO this is one of the best decks to run Swoop in (in almost every game I can Retrieve a Ludicolo line into my deck and can get all three cards back into play on the same turn because of Swoop). Nice to see you used a VS, it's a great card!

    Dave II
  18. GrandmaJoner

    GrandmaJoner New Member

    Nice Job Kyle =(
  19. AXE

    AXE New Member

    Nice job pooka!!!!

    SLOW DECK New Member

    I didn't want to play Ludicargo, but it was too consistent ("safe") to ignore. Play testing all week against Quinn, convinced him to go with Ludicolo. (He was going to run a 6 stadium Drag-trode).

    Quinn, 10- champ ran "King Ludicargo" deck that was 2-2 Cargo, 3-2-3 Ludicolo, and 2-1-2 Kingdra (4 candy). We only had 5 Ludicolo, so I ran 3-3-3 Kingdra with a 2-2-2 Ludi and 2-2 Cargo. My concept was a bit different, using Kingdra as a Disruption Wall, and Ludicolo as a OHKO, who I could protect.)
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