Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by meganium45, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    OK, now that the new POP 7 cards have been released, what do you all think??


    They may be out before Regionals?

    Any theories?

    I think we will see the DP1 starters that were in the starter packs in Japan, the different 'nape, 'leon, and 'terra.

    Just my theory.

    Wouldn't it just be TOO TIGHT if Garchomp lvl x and/or Porygon Z lvl x snuck into those packs??

    Wouldn't help sales, I am sure, so it probably won't happen...but...still a cool dream!

  2. It will help sales if they make the promo foils of them at walmart and target like they did of Mew delta. The pop 6 Gible and Picachu are in foil now.
  3. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Vince, :eek: Shame on you, that's a cruel joke! ...... but a good one anyways. :lol:

    It'd be nice to see, but .....
  4. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Actually, I think thats a valid point, cuz there is now way we will be getting 5+ Lv X's in DP5!
  5. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I need holo version of Espeon* and Umbreon* :(
  6. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member


    Interesting insight on this one. If you think about it, this would be the natural procession. We got EX Pokemon in early Pop 1-4 then Stars in 5 and a Goose egg in 6. OS hopefully the were hitting the rest button in 6 to get ready for Lv X Pokemon in 7!!

    This would also help catch up the Internaitonal Lv ratio to Japan a bit! I am guessing 2 Lv X Pokes in Pop 7 so with DP4 that equals 6... could the Eeveelutions LV X be there wiht Eevee... A complete Pop Set of Eeveelutions.. a Guy can Dream can't He!!

    ~Prof. Fish~
  7. I have a Dream. That one day that pokemon packs will not be judged by the wrapper on the outside but by the content of the pack on the inside.
  8. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Pop 7

    As a Gallade/Garvedoir Player, I know my fellow deck mates will want to lych me for this but what they really need to put into Pop 7 is a reprint of "Here Comes Team Rocket". At least that way other decks will stand a chance.
  9. Kenshin's Garde

    Kenshin's Garde New Member

    they need to reprint bannete ex, pokemon reversal, Lunatone DX, Solrock LM/DX, The Truth IS Out There, and rainbow energy. ;P a reprint of Dark tyranitar Neo destiny would be nice too.
  10. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    You forgot to request Sneasel EX and Dark Electrode as well.
  11. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    ......a decent Charizard?? Is that too much to ask? In context Base Charizard remains the best we have seen.
  12. smacktack15

    smacktack15 New Member

    Metagross d
  13. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 New Member

    I was thinking that as well. Anything that would let you flip over your opoonent's prizes (or shuffle cards from their discard pile back into their deck) would really help right now.
  14. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    id be happy beyond words.

    we had better get some good stuff in pop 7 after making pop 6 nothing but reprints.
    i want that porygon z lv x or garchomp for sure. we really should get them.
  15. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    if porygon lvl x is in pop7, i'd be soo happy. Then i would be horribly saddened realizing how hard it would be to get one :-(
  16. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    We need Rocket's Admin
  17. Mew

    Mew New Member

    Yeah, I just want something new from the packs.
    If we get anything that we don't already have, I think I'd be satisfied; (after the bomb of P6) I'm sure anything would be an improvement.
  18. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    AS always pop7 like any other pop set will be Japanese Promos.
    cheers. homeofmew :)
  19. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    Which also includes a few Lv X's...Garchomp Lv X anyone?:thumb:
  20. prof unky dan

    prof unky dan New Member

    has pop7 been leaked??

    any idea on when its getting here?

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