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    OK, here is one for the Team,

    The player uses PorygonZ;s Poke-Powr Conversion which allows the owner to discard an energy cardy form their hand to the discard pile changing the type to the type of Energy discarded. If wihtin the same turn the Owner Levels Up, based on this ruling:

    "Conversion (Porygon-Z - Great Encounters; Porygon - Team Rocket; Gastly - Fossil; Others)
    Q. If I use Porygon-Z's "Conversion" Poke-POWER to change it to a different energy type, does it stay that type when it levels up to Porygon-Z Lv.X?
    A. According to the rule book, leveling up a Pokemon removes all effects and status. So Porygon-Z Lv.X would revert back to Colorless at that point. (Jul 10, 2008 PUI Rules Team) "

    does leveling up allow a second use of the of the Conversion power based on the removal of all effects?

    Thanks from my son in advanced!

    Prof. Fish
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    No, it doesn't allow you to use it again.

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