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  1. Jolt

    Jolt New Member

    This deck is based on :lightning and :fighting:


    Primeape x 1 (GE)
    Mankey x 4 (GE)
    Electrode x 1 (SW)
    Voltorb x 2 (SW)
    Manectric x 2 (MD)
    Electrike x 2 (MD)
    Phanpy x 4 (GE)
    Donphan x 2 (GE)
    Electivire x 1 (SW)
    Electabuzz x 4 (SW)
    Jolteon x 1 (MD)
    Eevee x 2 (MD)

    Supporter ym.

    Felicity's Drawing x 1
    Potion x 2
    Pluspower x 2
    Poké Ball x 2
    Roseanne's Research x 1
    Switch x 1
    Warp point x 1
    Mom's kindness x 1
    Professor Oak's Visit x 1


    :fighting:x 10
    :lightning x 10

    The stradegy is.. To use the Póke Ball etc. to get Electavire to play. Then use it. Allso Roseanne's research and others to get primeape to play. Theyl beat everyone.. If not, i will get electrode to play and use the Ion blast selfkill move to kill the opponents. 10 fighting 10 electric energy will be enough to defeat the oponent.
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  2. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    That looks more like it.

    It looks like an overall decent deck for someone that is beginning with playing and collecting.

    Here are my changes:
    -Mankey's and Primeapes
    -Voltorbs and Electrodes
    -Eevee's and Jolteon
    -1 Electabuzz
    -Electrikes and Manetrics
    -Felicity's Drawing
    -Mom's Kindness
    -2 :fighting: and 2 :lightning energy

    Total: 17
    +3 Mareep, 2 Flaafy and 1 Ampharos
    +2 Lunatone
    +2 Solrock
    +1 Roseanne's Research
    +1 Prof. Oak's Visit
    +2 Amulet Coin
    +1 Warp Point
    +1 Switch
    +3 Dusk Ball
    +1 Quick Ball

    This way your deck looks like this:
    3-2-1 Ampharos
    2 Lunatone
    2 Solrock
    4-2 Donphan
    3-1 Electivire

    Total: 20
    2 Potions
    2 Plus Power
    2 Poke Ball
    2 Roseanne's Research
    2 Switch
    2 Warp Point
    2 Prof. Oak's Visit
    3 Dusk Ball
    2 Quick Ball
    1 Energy Switch
    4 ????
    Total: 24

    8 :lightning

    Total: 16

    Strategy: Attack either with Donphan or Flaafy/Ampharos.
    Ampharos can spread damage each turn for just 1 :lightning discard if you also attach 2 :fighting: to cover his 2 :colorless attack costs.
    Electivire does the same with this energy 'trick' and his Poke-Power even helps you do that.
    Donphan is your Powerhouse, doing good damage without too big set backs.

    The thing I noticed while looking at your Trainers is that you only have Poke Ball's to find Pokemon.
    Try getting the following:

    Bebe's Search. This Supporter let's you search for any kind of Pokemon in your deck and put it into your hand.

    Team Galactics Wager. The deck has alot of cards that make you draw from your deck but without a way to replenish, you can loose because you run out of cards. This card let's you and your opponent shuffle your hand back into your deck.

    Night Maintenance: This is a really neat card. It let's you shuffle 3 cards from your Discard Pile back into your deck. This is great if want to get Electivire or Ampharos back again.

    These cards should replace the 4 ???? in your Trainer line.
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  3. charchar

    charchar New Member

    TAKE OUT THE WHOLE POKEMON LINE FOR: 3-2-1-1 elctrivire. 2-2/3-3 manectric. 2-2/3-3 elctrode. 2-2 claydol. 1-0-1 blastiose.or 1-1-1. 3-3 donphan. few scrambles and dres. no mom no stich no pokeball no potion. 4 celios,. tvrs and felictiys. more warp point and night maintneence.
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