prices for these error cards?

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  1. Hi how much are all of these please can you give me the price individually for each card.

    * Ninetales Base: printed with no damage for it's second attack, Fire Blast

    * Pikachu Jungle Promo: printed with the "1st Edition Symbol."

    * Zadpos Fossil 1 st Edition: had the outline of an evolution box imprinted or cut into the foil.

    * Zadpos Fossil Unlimited Edition: had the outline of an evolution box imprinted or cut into the foil.

    * Dark Dragonite Team Rocket: Non holo card printed with holo card number. Error in both first and unlimited edition, and is corrected in both edition.

    * Dark Persian Promo: Printed without HP

    * Prerelease Raichu Promo: Printed with Prerelease stamp.

    * Acient Mew Japanese Promo: Spell Nintendo wrong.

    Thanks Cheryl.

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    Thanks Cheryl.
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  2. PokePop

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    Ninetales: $400+

    Pikachu promo: $100

    Zapdos: Every card has this error. $5

    Zapdos: $4

    D Dragonite: $35-50

    D Persian: $25-$75

    Prerelease Raichu: ????? None have been known to be sold. Estimate: $2000+

    Ancient Mew: $10-$20
  3. TheDarkTwins

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    I thought the Ancient Mew was worth more than that. I know the error used to be worth about 100. I expect it dropped but going from 100 to 20 is a huge drop.

  4. So is this Pikachu card the famous red cheeks error card or is that a different one. The kids next door found a few hundred pokemon cards in the trash and they came to me to see if any of them were worth anything. I don't know to much about them since they were around the gym before I was. They found one with red cheeks that is old but I am not sure what set.
  5. PokePop

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    No, the Pikachu is Blackstar promo #1 but was accedentally inserted in some 1st Ed Jungle packs and a 1st Ed stamp was stamped onto it.

    Drew: I could be wrong, but I thought it had gone down.
    Seen any ebay sales for it lately?

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