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  1. BLiZzArD

    BLiZzArD New Member

    19 Pokemon

    4 Trapinch(Dragon w/bind)
    4 Vibrava(quick charge)
    3 Flygon(rainbow burn)
    3 Kecleon
    3 Zangoose
    2 Ditto(skyridge)

    23 Trainers

    3 TV Reporter
    4 Lady Outing
    3 Dual Ball
    3 Energy Recycle System
    4 Switch
    3 Oracle
    3 PokeNav

    18 Energy

    3 Psychic
    3 Fire
    3 Lighting
    3 Grass
    3 Fighting
    3 Water

    well we had our prerelease today and I traded everything but the kitchen sink to get these flygon in the 2 times I've play tested it the deck seems to run really smooth gets energy out fast and does a pretty decent amount of damage let me know what you all think
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