Professor Cup: 8/4/2002

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    While cleaning out my office I came across the "Final Standings after Round 7" of the Professor Worlds Event, dated August 4, 2002. I can't remember if there was a top cut for the event. There are some familiar names, that were strangers at the time, and some names of people we haven't seen in a while. I also don't know why some people have a ** after their names.

    1. Brasseau**, Alex
    2. Craig, Heidi
    3. Williams, Dakota
    4. Borchardt, Jeremy
    5. Chase**, Elaine
    6. Grabher-Meyer, Jason
    7. Boozer**, Mike
    8. Dalton**, Dallas
    9. Mermelstein, Jeffery
    10. Klaczynski, Jason
    11. Fulop**, Chris
    12. Chimento, John
    13. Yuen, Matthew
    14. Wong, Wai-Lam
    15. Vestre, Eskil
    16. Sprenz, Julia
    17. Darien, Bobby
    18. Lei, Chao
    19. Fong, Gordon
    20. Edmondson**, Damon
    21. Lee, Kevin
    22. Ting, Craig
    23. Kamm, Terry
    24. Fulop, Brian
    25. Cruz, Erich Dela
    26. Gills**, Michael
    27. Simpson, Craig
    28. Cortez, Jesus
    29. Smith, Jonathan
    30. Brooks, David
    31. Robertson, Roy
    32. Langenstein, Richard
    33. Perucca, Steve
    34. Paxon, Bob
    35. Walkowski**, Richard
    36. Reynolds, Jeff
    37. Borchardt, Mel
    38. Kahn, Faisal
    39. Bui, Doug
    40. Chase**, Kierin
    41. Ghettys, Shawn
    42. Catalano, Matt
    43. Davis, Ryan
    44. Kuwanyaioma, Charles
    45. Barker, Mariah
    46. Middlemans, Frank
    47. Dlehausse, Michel
    48. Boutcher**, Chris
    49. Pena, Bertha
    50. Van Houten, Mathew
    51. Gurta, Chris
    52. Jackson, Ken
    53. Nugent, Steven
    54. Cho, Songshan
    55. Yoder, Levi
    56. Badeaux, Jeremy
    57. Brisbin, Mike
    58. Alvarez, Kris
    59. Brazas, Jen
    60. Gibson, Philip
    61. Proch**, Michael
    62. Callahan, Bob
    63. Van Lieu, Phillippee
    64. Sauk**, Greg
    65. Jessing**, Brian
    66. Badeaux, Joshua
    67. Kamada-Fuji**, Doreen
    68. Rodriguez, David
    69. Collingsworth, Charles
    70. Zuver, Douglas
    71. Gerardo**, Juan
    72. Mammano, Joe
    73. Fisher, Lance
    74. Kukshtel, Scott
    75. Hedberg, Julia
    76. Nelson, David
    77. Martinez, Renee
    78. Elliott, David
    79. Nelson, Niki
    80. Alper, Theodore
    81. Farber, Derek
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    Nice contrib; where was this event held - Orlando, Florida? Do you know what the qualifier level was?

    Farbs was dead last. Just sayin.
  3. Chrisbo

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    Worlds 2002 was up in Seattle, and other than Alex Brousseau (1), Dallas Dalton (8), and Chris Fulop (11), I think everyone else with **'s were either WOTC personnel or Judge staff (TC'ers plus BJJ and SD_PokeMom). But I don't recall Greg Sauk (64) being on the staff back then, so I don't know why he's **'d like the other guys; maybe it was some kind of Top-4 reward or something.

    There weren't any special qualifications for the event other than simply being a member of the Professor Program at the time (the number of Profs was a lot smaller back then compared to now). I also remember playing against MasterTrainer Mike in the last round and he beat me!

    There are lots of names in there I haven't seen in a while, and a lot of people I didn't know back then who I'm friends with now.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane,
  4. SD PokeMom

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    i'm pretty sure the people with asterisks were the 'gunslingers'...we had 'wanted' posters and little pins or promo cards to give to our opponents if they beat us :)

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    Why Chuck had the double stars and Ness didn't will forever perplex me...

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