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  1. ticka222

    ticka222 New Member

    The PTCGO values listed here are my observations,as i see them(fair prices) so they may not be
    what most people think.
    There are 2 ways to get the cards you want on PTCGO using "public offers" trading via forums and with people who gather large amounts of cards by smart trading/ripping off other people in public offers(Example:Catcher for 1 pack)

    The trading currency for PTCGO is packs.Some players may trade card(s) for card(s),but the vast majority prefer packs.
    The priority of packs(desirability) as i see it is like this
    1.most wanted=Boundaries crossed packs;that is because of the chances of Full art Ex cards,Trainers and most of all the rare chance of obtaining Keldeo ex which is the most sought after card in PTCGO at the moment.
    2.Dark explorers=dark patches,ultra ball,but most wanted from here is Darkrai ex,Tornadus ex and the second most wanted card of PTCGO -pokemon catcher
    3.Dragons exalted=Garchomp,Altaria,Hydreignon(ability),Ho oh ex,Terrakion ex

    The most wanted cards list
    The top of the list at the moment is FA or normal art of Keldeo ex which varies in price from 12-14 for normal art up to 16 for FA.
    Catcher is the card that most of the players will not want to trade.There are various public offers for them but i consider all of them ripping people off.The reason for that is people don't open EP packs anymore,so there is a limited/small amount of normal catchers up for trade.Of course there is a possibility of a secret rare catcher,but those are way overpriced.The price of Pokemon Catcher according to people who do trade them is 3-4 packs,but if you manage to get a playset,i wouldn't trade it.
    Darkrai ex,Rayquaza ex and Mewtwo ex used to be on the top of trading list,but with the release of their promotional versions they aren't there anymore except for players who want to reverse their decks,fill it with rare cards and use a lot of packs to obtain them.The easiest way to get them is to offer 2-3 packs per card in public trade.Their FA versions price goes from 6-8 packs.

    Other cards you might want to get
    -Garchomp (3-5 packs ea)
    -Blastoise(3-4 packs ea)
    -Hydreignon dark trance)4-6 packs ea)
    -Terrakion ex(6-8 packs ea)
    -Tornadus ex(4-7 packs ea)
    Terrakion revenge(4-7 packs ea)

    Trading limitation:
    Child accounts are prohibited from trading.
    Non friend players can only trade like for like cards,so friending players is the obvious option.
    To trade cards for something else you have to declick the like for like option.When you add
    friends it might take a while to get them on your friend list so you should just open the public offers for a second then reopen the private trade window and the person you are looking for should be in your friends list.
    When trading with another person you might get a "xy doesn't have any tradable items marked for trade" such cases you should click ok.then click add button again and when you have the
    "no cards returned with current filters " message declick the "show only items i want" button.that will show all the cards the other player has for trade.

    The new system doesn't allow for adding multiple cards at once so you have to add x amount of cards by clicking add and selecting a card x number of times.

    If anyone needs any help in trading feel free to post here.I'm no expert in trading but i will try to help.
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  2. CaterpiesAreOP

    CaterpiesAreOP New Member

    I had a whole price guide made back in the flash version days and Dark Explorers and Dragons Exalted premier on Ptcgo. I had it on the Official Ptcgo forums. Someone decided to pretty much copy and paste my guide and added in their own numbers. I didn't mind at first, but it really went downhill. Lol The way I came up with card values is that you look at the availability, supply and demand. Availability as in how easy are they to get. Supply as in how many of them are out there. Demand as in how many people want this card, and how bad do they want it. Not in that order btw.

    To become successful in trading on Ptcgo is to forecast what will grown in demand over time and take gambles. Test how much cards can sell for on public and testing how much you can buy stuff on public for. Also constantly watch public offers to see trends in how cards are being circulated. Also when trading, always remember how much you got something for. I don't think you can rip off anyone off on PTCGO, you can always cancel/decline an offer you are viewing. Back in the flash version days you could post a misleading title and attempt to scam someone that way. I used to buy regular Mewtwos for 4-5 packs on public overnight then sell them for 9-12 to other traders. The difference was I posted "5 ND for Mewtwo". People would always talk down on me for lowballing, but if it works, why should I stop? lol Trading has changed quite a bit compared to before. I find people are much harder to negotiate with now. They seem to think their cards are worth x10 more than what it is, I think it's just greed. Part of the reason why I stopped trading actively is because of these people. Just my opinion.

    Oh btw I think you meant for 3. to be Dragons Exalted.
  3. ticka222

    ticka222 New Member

    I wrote this on my own if you're implying this may be it.and yes,number 3 corrected
  4. CaterpiesAreOP

    CaterpiesAreOP New Member

    No, not this one. I had a guide titled Ptcgo value guide 2.0 then they renamed it 3.0
  5. EricDent

    EricDent New Member

    Um, isn't Catcher in a different set (not Dark Explorers)?
    Plus it's in Dragons Exalted as a "shiny" IIRC.
  6. ticka222

    ticka222 New Member

    catcher is originally in EP,but noone buys them anymore.its reprinted as a shiny in dark explorers.
  7. Gyarados11

    Gyarados11 New Member

    Do you have prices for full art trainers or things like reverse catcher?
  8. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Your 'list' is not a list, it's sentences describing a card. You should format it more neatly like the section for 'other' cards.

    The pack prices are super inflated as well. I see Blastoise for 3 packs all the time, and I got all 3 of mine by making public trades offering 2 packs per Blastoise. Same for Hydreigon. I got Garchomps for 1 pack.

    There's always that lame guy who is trying to rip people off, but your prices are definitely 2 or 3 over the current average of the cards you mentioned, the only exception being Catcher which is right at 3-4 packs per Catcher.
  9. ticka222

    ticka222 New Member

    as i said in the original post,these are "my observations" on the price.if you have a better idea i think all people who play PTCGO will be happy to hear the prices you're getting them at.Some input on the value is better than none.
  10. GravyBeast

    GravyBeast New Member

    are you being serious? catchers are the bread and butter of online trading.
  11. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    None buys EPO anymore, Catchers are obviously very much in demand.
  12. GravyBeast

    GravyBeast New Member

    ah, makes much more sense than how i read it. it sounded like 'no one buys reg catchers anymore'

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