Pumpkaboo Event for X/Y

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    Starting today, you can download a special Pumpkabbo for you games. This Event will end on October 31st, 2014-

    You will need to select "via internet" on your game, so get it while you can!

    This Pumpkaboo is level 50

    It is in a Charrish Ball

    Hold item: Rocky Helmet


    Pick up
    Insomnia (hidden ability, you can get this ability with soft-resetting if you want to)

    OT: Spooky2014
    ID # 10014

    Scary face
    Shadow sneak

    This Pokémon is the "Super-sized" form of Pumpkaboo.

    Enjoy this added download Pokémon for this month, as there are two more to come!
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