Quad Spiritomb: the Spiritual Successor to Quad Snorlax?

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    For those of you who did not play when Team Plasma had blue-bordered Pokemon cards, Quad Snorlax was a deck that made use (and reuse) of Virbank City Gym and Hypnotoxic Laser with an Active Pokemon whose Ability prevented retreat. While some decks still play Escape Rope, Switch, or the occasional Zoroark, most decks currently top out at four Guzma, and some Float Stones (which reduce Retreat Cost to zero, but do not in themselves "switch" the Pokemon, just allow for free retreat). With Lusamine yet to enter the format, for additional Supporter re-use, and Rescue Stretcher allowing for the recovery of Spiritomb, is Energy and Retreat denial a viable option in the current Standard format, even with a lack of damaging Item cards?

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