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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by AlanJLegend, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. AlanJLegend

    AlanJLegend New Member

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering, does the Endless Night theme deck have the Darkrai that has 70hp and does Reach over and Darkness pursuit, or the one with 80hp that does darkness roar and sleep hole?

    Also, I had another question. This probably belongs in ask the masters, but I figured I might as well ask it here to save making another thread.

    Darkrai Lv.X's Pokebody states "Each basic :dark: energy attached to one of your :dark: Pokemon now has the effect 'If the Pokemon Darkness energy is attached to attacks, this attack does 10 more damage to the defending Pokemon (before applying weakness and resistance). You can't use more than 1 dark-shadow Pokebody each turn".

    The last bit confuses me a little bit. Does this mean that the dark Pokemon with the dark energy attached only does 10 more regardless of how many energies attached, or it does 10 for each energy attached but can only be used by 1 Pokemon each turn?

    I am strongly assuming the first one, but I figured I might as well make sure.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Nevermore

    Nevermore New Member

    No clue on the theme deck, but I can answer the second question - the pok├ębody basically turns basic darkness energy into special darkness energy*. The last sentence is just there to tell you that a second Darkrai Lv.X wouldn't do a thing to the energies if they are already 'converted'.

    *Technically, it adds an effect to the basic energy without turning them into special energy, so for all intents and purposes, they're still treated as basic energy.
  3. Kabutops141

    Kabutops141 New Member

    I think the theme deck has the 80HP Darkria.(The better of the 2 imo.)

    For your 2nd question, I'm pretty sure the last part means that each :dark: pokemon with a :dark: energy on it gets 10 more dmg TIMES the amount of enrgy attached, but only one of these powers can be used. If 2 of these powers could be used, then each :dark: basic would do 20x the damage.But that is not the case. Hope this helped.:thumb:
  4. Sunscorch

    Sunscorch New Member

    I can confirm that for definite ^_^
  5. AlanJLegend

    AlanJLegend New Member


    The answer I was hoping for with both!

    Thanks for the speedy replies guys!

    Edit: Oh one more question;

    If I was using a dark Pokemon with an attack such as "flip 3 coins, does 20dmg for each heads" and I got all tails the Pokemon had 2 dark energies and Darkrai Lv.X was out, would it do 20? What would be the go here?

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  6. Nevermore

    Nevermore New Member

    No, you don't add damage when you don't DO damage.

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