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  1. Khonsu

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    My friend and I started playing around with some of our old pokemon cards and we need help with the answer to a question about double colorless energy. I have searched everywhere I could think of on the web but there is no where that states in plain English the answer. Can you use double colorless energy to count for any specific energy? For example if you played a Crobat and wanted to use Cross Attack could you play the double colorless and have it count for the two :grass: energies? I did not think you could but my friend begged to differ. Is there anywhere in the rules that would say it so I could show him? Thank you for your help.
  2. Chrisunit131995

    Chrisunit131995 New Member

    No. Only cards such as rainbow and multi energy can do this.
  3. Napoleon

    Napoleon New Member

    More specifically, DCE provides 2 :colorless: energy. Colourless energy are just that; the filler symbol which you sometimes see on a Pokemon's attack.
    For example, Napoleon's Ninja (made it up -_-) has an attack like this:

    Ninja Strike - :dark::colorless::colorless:

    To use this attack Napoleon's Ninja needs 1 :dark: and 2 of any type of energy.
    If Napoleon's Ninja has 1 :dark: and 1 Double Colorless Energy it can also use the attack because DCE provides the two :colorless: energy.

    However, Napoleon's Ninja has a second attack:

    French Ninja - :dark::dark::colorless:

    Napoleon's Ninja can only attack if it has 2 :dark: and 1 :colorless:.
    If I attached DCE to use this attack it wouldn't be very smart because I'm wasting a double energy card on an attack where there is only one applicable energy cost. DCE only ever fills :colorless: spots, so I can't use it to fill the :dark: spots on Napoleon's Ninja's attacks, either.
  4. Noah121

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    Here's the way to think about it:

    When you see Colorless Energy in an Energy cost (i.e. on a Pokemon card), you can use any Energy to pay for it. But when there's Colorless Energy on an Energy card, that can only pay for (C) Energy costs, and none other.
  5. AzNightmare

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    It only provides 2 :colorless:
    It's not rainbow energy.

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