Question About Using Dittos Pokemon Power From Fossil Set These Days

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Orengefox00, Mar 5, 2004.

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  1. Orengefox00

    Orengefox00 New Member

    Okay, I got a few old and new questions in regards to how Dittos "Transformation" power from the Fossil Set can be used under certain circumstances or situations when playing this card these days.

    Recap on Dittos Pokemon Power
    Now here are the questions I wanted to ask.

    1. While Ditto is a copy of the defending pokemon, if the depending Pokemon during his/her turn is switched for some other pokemon from the bench, does Ditto automatically become that new defending pokemon or does Ditto transform into that defending Pokemon only during my turn?

    2. If the Defending Pokemon was a Baby Pokemon with Baby Powers, Does Ditto Copy that Baby Power?

    Baby Powers
    3. If the Defending Pokemon had any Pokemon Powers, does Ditto copy those Pokemon Powers as well?

    4. If the Defending Pokemon had a "Poke-Body" power, does Ditto copy that power as well?

    5. Now what if I attached a Double Colorless Energy onto Ditto (don't forget, Dittos Pokemon Power says "you may treat any Energy attached to Ditto as Energy of any type"), can one Energy from the Double Colorless Energy be a Fire Type while the other Energy from the same Double Colorless Energy card be a Water Type? Or does a Double Colorless Energy have to be two energies of the same type? Even then, does the effects of a Double Colorless Energy can still occur while attacted to Ditto or does it become one energy?

    Double Colorless Energy
    6. Now if the Defending Pokemon is an evolved Pokemon and Ditto uses his Pokemon Power to transformed into the Defending Pokemon which then in turn becomes that evolved Pokemon even though Ditto is still a Basic Pokemon, Does that mean I could use Boost Energy on Ditto since Ditto has now transformed into the defending Pokemon that is an evolved form?

    Boost Energy - Special Energy Card
    7. If I was playing a 2-on-2 Battle game with someone and I had a Ditto up and some other Pokemon (doesn't matter which it is) up as the active Pokemon against the two defending Pokemon that are against me. Does Ditto have to choose one Defending Pokemon to transformed into or is it possible to transform into both defending Pokemons? o.o

    8. (Silly question) If a Clefairy Doll, Mysterious Fossil, Root Fossil or, Claw Fossil is up as the defending Pokemon, can Ditto copy that Fossil even though its a Trainer Card being treated as a Pokemon?

    9. (Another silly question) Since Ditto is an exact copy of the Defending Pokemon. Lets Say for example Ditto was to be an exact copy of Scyther from Jungle Set. I use "Sword Dance" which says "During your next turn, Scyther's Slash Attack's base damage is 60 instead of 30". Then when my next turn comes around I use "Slash", Does the effects of Sword Dance still make "Slash" do 60 damage instead of 30 even though "Sword Dance" says "Scyther's Slash..." and the fact that I'm a Ditto whos only a copy of Scyther?

    Last but not least...

    10. Now if an EX Pokemon comes out as the defending Pokemon, Ditto transforms into that EX Pokemon and Ditto was to be knocked out by the EX Pokemon, does my opponent get to draw two Prizes or one? Remember, EX have this Note because they are EX Pokemon:
    Does Ditto Copy that Note from the EX as well, making it where if Ditto does get knocked out, my opponent gets to have two prizes?

    I know some of these questions were more obvious then others but I ask just in case becuase I play these cards still in Pokemon Leagues and if I ever run into these situations, I want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly according the Pokemon Power Ditto has. If you can, please let me know what the answeres are. Thank You for taking the time to read this and an advance Thank you if you did answere them ^_-
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  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    1. It changes as soon as your opponent changes Pokémon.
    2. Yep.
    3. You bet.
    4. Again, yes, it does.
    5. Each Energy of the Double Colorless can be colored separately.
    6. Sorry, no. If I'm not mistaken, Ditto is always considered to be a Basic Pokémon, even if the Pokémon it is copying is Evolved.
    7. I don't know -- I haven't played 2v2.
    8. Yep. It behaves exactly the same way as the Fossil, except that you can't evolve it.
    9. In that case, Slash would still do 60 damage the turn after the Swords Dance.
    10. I think your opponent still takes two prizes in this case, but I'm not sure.
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    dkates has them all correct.
    7. You're on your own here. PUI won't rule on non-Modified cards being used in 2-on-2 play.

    I suggest you check out the Compendium (link at the bottom of this web-page).

    Go to the archived version of the old compendium. Most of these issues are spelled out in about 10 pages of rulings on the Pokemon Power "Transform".

    Ditto gets the lifetime achievement award from the Compendium
  4. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Ahhhhh!!! Not another ditto question...

    7. Again we cannot offer offical ruling on this however, I would rule that Ditto can be transformed into either Pokemon of your choice and change into either Pokemon however it can only be transformed as one of those pokemon at one time. Its just like the Rainbow and Multi energy cards saying they can only provide one type of energy at one time. However if there is a situation that would have Ditto be knocked out or removed from play because the the effects or stats of one Pokemon, it could only be the other Pokemon in that instance.

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