[QUESTION] Pokemon Organizer Application and Recognition

Discussion in 'Pokémon League' started by MacBravO, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. MacBravO

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am avid player of Pokémon VGC and about three years organize monthly tournaments in Brazil, with an average audience of 45 players.

    The Shortly, I made a pokemon organizer application. To exact more or less about two months, and so far I have not received any opinion on the formalization of my activities. I come every day, looking forward to this notification. I have good structure and resources waiting for that recognition.

    For friends who are already formalized organizers, I wonder what I have done wrong, or as average time delay so that I can receive the status of "Pokémon organizer".

    I Have questions about the obligation to send the "Background check". This was the only document that I have not sent. Even though I, a candidate for organizing events in Brazil, it is mandatory? If so, how do I send?

    Thank you.
  2. DukeFireBird

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    Unfortunatelly there is a massive delay in the processing of applications and background checks. I sent in my paperwork and it took approximatelly 9 months to get it all sorted out. Just be patient.

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