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    I'm looking through the Pokestar Studios, and trying to get some of the bigger films so that I can get my EX ranking.

    Some of the newer films say that they require the "Hall of Fame".

    Is that the same Hall of Fame as I would get from beating the E4? Or is it a different Hall of Fame?

    Thanks for the help!
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    After the E4 you have the Champion (which you know) then after that you enter that room to get your pokemon in the Hall of fame... also Bullados From what I seen from a website you have to battle a lv 99 (?) pokemon that's why it says that
  3. bullados

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    POkestar Studios has rental Pokemon. And I've already fought a Level 99 in there. Three times, in fact. And the third time was my highest grossing movie.

    And when I say "Beat the E4", I mean the whole shebang. That's just shorthand, I guess. I thought it was common knowledge the "Beat the E4" was the same as "E4+Champ", or whatever.

    But is that the HoF they're talking about for getting new flicks?

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