R.I.P Empoleon Omastar HP-MD

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by The Machampion, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    Hey Everyone

    I am Posting this list to pay respect to this deck and the ups and downs we've had. I Came second at nationals with this deck and this is probably the best deck i've ever played.

    Pokemon - 21

    4 Piplup DP
    3 Prinplup DP
    4 Empoleon MD

    2 Baltoy GE
    2 Claydol GE

    3 Phione MD

    1 Diglet SW
    1 Dugtrio CG

    1 Omastar MD

    Trainers/Suporters/Stadiums - 23

    4 Celios Network/Bebes Search
    3 Stevens Advice
    2 Wager
    3 Roseannes Research
    4 Rare Candy
    1 Lake Boundary
    1 Windstorm
    2 Warp Point
    2 Night Maintanence
    1 Helix fossil

    Energy - 16

    4 Call
    2 Scramble
    10 Water


    Well as with most empoleons it's standard. I Like to strat spreading really early on ie turn 3. I also hunt there starters for easy prizes and then continue the disciplined assualts on there big hitters to completely destroy them with omastar. Dugtrio For Mirror Match. If They Have Something bug active i will surf together. Its really consitant

    I would prefer help on making it DP-ON as i love the principals of this deck and the power it holds. I have been playing empoleon ever since it came out, and i played the one before that when it came out aswell. All help is apreciated and i will be grateful.

    Thanks In Advnace
  2. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Empostar isn't dead. It may have lost a lot but it's still almost as good next season as it is this.
  3. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    Thats very true. I still like it the way it is though.

  4. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    Kyogre from Legends Awakened is going to be a welcome addition to the Empoleon fold in my opinion. It can serve as an energy accelerator for itself if you open with it and potentially be ready to go off turn 2, getting you a likely KO on whatever they've opened with and also spreading 20 to everything on their bench. Sure, that early in the game they won't have much of a bench (although they would have to at least have something or else lose upon the Kyogre KO), but late game after Empoleon has done its job and possibly after Omastar has done his, that 20 to everything will be a lot more devastating.

    With the loss of Dugtrio next season, I would consider replacing those 2 slots with 1-1 Gorebyss. I just personally like this card in general with anything that snipes, because if you use it right you can trap a bench sitter such as Claydol active for a turn or two, hitting their bench in the process and also forcing them to either waste two or more energy to manually retreat it (which is nastier next format with the loss of multiple energies a la DRE) or make them use up Warp Points. If they Warp, then your Gorebyss will go back to the bench (you could bring out a Phione or something if you knew they were going to hit heavy and preserve Empoleon, assuming you have one there) and that means eventually you can bring that bench sitter out again with it. I just think a Pokemon with an energyless Gust with the little added perk of doing 10 damage, with free retreat, is a nice option to have in a deck like this.

    PokeBlower is another way to get the Gust effect without even attacking, and I actually would recommend that you did add 4 when IFDS comes out.

    I also think if you're going to remodel this for next format, you should up the Helix to 2 as well as the Omastar, for consistency mainly.
  5. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    I Could Try It Although Im Really Looking for a list that can help for the modified, or for the first week or 2 of it. I Am going to take a look at kyogre. Kyogre Looks nice I Mean,I May Put Just 1 In to stall around later game to provide faster empoleon.

    The Pokeblower Is Also Very good. It Looks pomising. I will Change The Title. Asap
  6. mikeynumber1

    mikeynumber1 New Member

    i played this deck at a BR and loved it, and i think it will still be good next format. I would deffinatly put a kyogre or 2 in.
  7. Muk Man

    Muk Man New Member

    wow, 1-1 omastar is brave...

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    3 phione is over kill especially since you're not maxing out on scramble, so i would drop 1 for chatot, and i eould go with 9 water and at least 3 scramble, just because you prolly play from behind a majority of the time
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2008
  8. DarkArceus42

    DarkArceus42 New Member

    -1 lake
    +1 plus power
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