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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Canadian Bacon, Sep 12, 2003.

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  1. Canadian Bacon

    Canadian Bacon New Member

    I dont know how many berries there are in R/S. is there 30 or something. also i have never found all the berries. I skipped Berries 14-25 or something like that. How many berries are there and how can you get them all?
  2. Eevee234

    Eevee234 New Member

    There's about up to 43 o.o. I think. It's maybe almost impossible getting berry numbers 39-43 I forget........ Some people claim that they have recieved berrys 39-43??? from these phrases: Fire Blaze, and Bye-Bye Bannete.
  3. Dark_Gengar

    Dark_Gengar New Member

    There are 36 berries as far as I know. The higher the number, the rarer the berry. Here's some phrases you can tell the BerryMaster's wife to get these rare berries:
    "Super Hustle" = Belue Berry
    "Challenge Contest" = Pamtre Berry
    "Great Battle" = Spelon Berry

    There is also one with Latios and one with Latias, but I can't remember these right now. Will post them later :) Hope this helps.
  4. Dark_Gengar

    Dark_Gengar New Member

    The other 2 phrases are "Overwhelming Latias" and "Cool Latios"
    Good Luck :)
  5. Canadian Bacon

    Canadian Bacon New Member

    kool ill try them out
  6. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    meh... though i didnt post em, i figured them out by randomly entering phrases (i didnt know about challenge contest though).

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