R2S #13 Champion: mcanaves

Discussion in 'PokeGym Battle Threads' started by Hatter™, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. LibertyFigter

    LibertyFigter New Member

    Did you catch that I won my round 1 match? It was a 2-0 and isn't on the bracket yet. Thanks!
  2. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    Goldedda defeats Angry_Brother 2-0
  3. BlisseyRocks

    BlisseyRocks New Member

    Iv'e got to wait for rambo to get online, we played another of our games(for a different tournament) but he seemed really distracted and was taking a long time so i told him we'd play when he isn't busy. Dunno whats up but hopefully he'll be free today.
  4. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    I defeat pokemonrocks777 2-0 gg
  5. pokemonrocks777

    pokemonrocks777 Front Page News Editor

    I should of used my real regionals deck... I was wanting to scoop cause this was so bad...
  6. Dark Shedinja

    Dark Shedinja New Member

    Kalas and me got difficulties with arraning a time.
    If he messages back soon, we might be able to play today or wednesday.
  7. Dark Shedinja

    Dark Shedinja New Member

    We need some extension, Kalas doesn´t seem to understand my time zone lol.
  8. LibertyFigter

    LibertyFigter New Member

    Beat Glaceon 2-1, all good games!
  9. solo59486

    solo59486 New Member

    Just give him the win...
  10. Lunar Wing

    Lunar Wing New Member

    I won 2-1 over Palbert in some ridiculously close games.
  11. Palbert6393

    Palbert6393 New Member

    Confirming. So close...
  12. Lunar Wing

    Lunar Wing New Member

    I beat goldedda 2-1.
  13. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    justin forfeited to me
  14. LibertyFigter

    LibertyFigter New Member

    Alright Kalas and Dark Shedinja, next week is finals for me, so please try and get your game done as soon as possible so I know who I'm playing... Thanks.
  15. Dark Shedinja

    Dark Shedinja New Member

    We do, but there are some difficulties because at first he didn´t understand my time zone (dunno if he does now lol, at least I know his), so missed some dates.
    I´ve sent him a pm yesterday, If he replies, we will play friday.
  16. LibertyFigter

    LibertyFigter New Member

    Ok. Hatter: What happens if I can't finish a match by Monday because my opponents went past the deadline last round?

    I understand they are having time zone issues, but it will be very difficult for me to play after Friday, when they are said to be playing.

    Hopefully stuff gets done quickly.
  17. mcanaves

    mcanaves New Member

    Waiting on a reply from kezzup.
  18. Kezzup

    Kezzup New Member

    Don't I have to beat rambo first, though? Just a bit confused.
  19. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    You do not. I stated that the people who didn't finish Round 1 had to finish that, and if they couldn't face their Round 2 opponent... that person would automatically advance.

    @Liberty: Read ^
  20. mcanaves

    mcanaves New Member

    That being said, PM me when you can Kezzup.

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