R2S #14 Champion: Glaceon

Discussion in 'PokeGym Battle Threads' started by Hatter™, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    @summerdaze ur inbox is full
  2. Nitch

    Nitch New Member

    I give the win to the person against who I have to play, sorry.
    I've got no time.
  3. Glaceon

    Glaceon New Member

    That would be me. Sorry we couldn't play, Nitch.
  4. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    beat SummerDaze 2-0 gg
  5. Glaceon

    Glaceon New Member

    So how is this coming along?

    You should just give one of them the win to move it along.
  6. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Mike and Djabber will still play.. but whoever wins that will just play for third.
  7. mcanaves

    mcanaves New Member

    Beat djabber 2-1. Pming glaceon now abt our match

    ---------- Post added 01/27/2013 at 01:34 PM ----------

    Wait what? Why hatter? You never posted a due date for the matches. He had a six hour tiem zone difference. Last weekend was regionals hence me taking a bit og extra time. I feel you should still honor that and allow me to play into the finals vs glaceon.
  8. Glaceon

    Glaceon New Member

    Glaceon 2-0 over goldetta in finals. GGs.
  9. mcanaves

    mcanaves New Member

    So stupid. I was never warned I was running out of time or given a deadline for my last round, or I would've hurried it up. Next time, I think a PM should be sent as a warning.

    ---------- Post added 01/28/2013 at 09:34 PM ----------

    Summerdaze, PM me to schedule our 3rd/4th playoff please.
  10. Glaceon

    Glaceon New Member

    How many more tourneys are we going to have?

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