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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ragneg, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    1. All Pokegym rules apply.
    2. Lower iTrader sends first
    3. All cards are mint. (unless stated otherwise)
    4. All cards are shipped in sleeves and in toploaders.


    1 Gengar EX FA
    2 Drifblim (Shadow Steal Promo)



    1 Skymin Lv. X
    3 League Promo DCE HGSS
    1 Machamp Lv. X
    1 Electivire Lv. X

    1 Hitmonchan ex M/NM
    1 Latios ex Delta Played
    1 Skarmory ex Damged top left corner
    1 Banette ex N/NM
    1 Rayquaza ex (Promo) little bit of whitening

    1 Ursaring Prime M/NM
    1 Donphan Prime M/NM
    1 Blissey Prime M/NM

    1 Holo Water PK
    1 Holo Lightning HP
    1 Holo Lightning PK

    EX's and ACE SPEC's:

    1 AZ Full Art
    3 Cobalion EX
    1 Dialga EX PHF
    1 M-Gengar EX
    1 Malamar EX
    1 Gengar EX

    2 Palkia EX
    2 Lugia EX Promo
    2 Tornadus EX PLF
    1 Keldeo EX BC
    1 SR Virizion
    1 Black Kyurem EX PLS
    4 Deoxys EX Promo

    1 Computer Search
    1 Scoop Up Cyclone
    1 Rock Guard
    1 Gold Potion
    1 Crystal Edge

    Meta Pokemon:

    1 Absol PLF Holo
    1 Dusknoir BC RH
    2 Greninja XY Holo
    1 Aromatisse XY RH
    2 Blastoise PLB Holo
    1 Electrode PLF Holo
    1 Salamence PLB Holo
    1 Dragonite PLF Holo
    1 Garchomp DEX Holo
    1 Delphox XY RH
    1 Electrode PLF RH
    1 Kyurem LT RH
    1 Black Kyurem BC
    2 Suicune PLB
    1 Sigilyph DEX
    2 Mr. Mime PLF
    4 Munna BC
    3 Politoed FIF
    1 Electivire FIF
    1 Aegislash XY Holo
    1 Reshiram LT RH
    1 Haxorus PLB Holo
    1 Terrakion LT Holo
    1 Flareon PLF RH
    2 Flareon PLF
    2 Poliwrath FIF RH
    1 Poliwrath FIF Holo
    1 Victini NVI Holo
    1 Victini Promo BW12
    1 Voltorb XY RH
    1 Furfrou XY Holo
    1 Chesnaught XY Holo
    2 Magmortar FIF
    1 Landorus FIF Holo
    1 Machamp FIF Holo
    2 Hawlucha FIF Holo

    1 Drifblim PLB RH
    2 Dedenne FIF

    Meta Trainers:

    2 Lysandres Trump Card (1 RH)
    6 AZ
    2 Xerosic
    3 Trick Coin
    3 Robo Substitute
    3 Hand Scope
    2 VS Seeker
    4 M-Gengar Spirit Link (2 Holo)
    2 M-Manetric Spirit Link (1 RH)
    1 Juniper RH
    1 Professor's Letter RH
    1 Muscle Band RH
    2 Virbank City Gym RH
    1 Colress Machine
    2 Professor Sycamore RH

    1 Team Flare Grunt RH
    1 Bianca LT RH
    1 Pokemon Fan Club RH
    1 Escape Rope RH
    1 Bicycle RH
    1 Silver Mirror RH
    1 Focus Sash RH
    1 Full Heal FIF RH
    1 Team Plasma Ball RH
    2 Silver Bangle RH
    1 Maintenance RH
    1 Super Scoop Up RH
    1 Rare Candy PLB RH
    1 Ghetsis PLF Holo
    2 Shauna XY
    1 Korrina
    1 Blacksmith
    1 Cassius
    3 Team Flare Grunt
    4 Roller Skates
    4 Catcher PLB
    1 Catcher 14/30 (Noivern Trainer Kit)
    3 Rare Candy PLB
    2 Super Scoop Up FIF
    1 Sacred Ash
    4 Silver Bangle
    4 Fighting Stadium
    2 Shadow Circle
    2 Team Plasma Ball
    2 Strong Energy
    1 RH DCE (PHF)
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  2. Hundreth

    Hundreth New Member

    Do you have a Boundaries crossed Dusknoir, Trevenant, or Gourgeist by chance?
  3. Simau

    Simau New Member

    CML for Lugia EX Promo
  4. Simau

    Simau New Member

    Nevermind. I just got a Lugia EX at league haha
  5. o Iconz o

    o Iconz o New Member

    Interested in you ACE SPECS CML?
  6. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    I just got some BC packs. When I open them I'll get back to you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok, no problems. 17characters

    - - - Updated - - -

    I the only thing I saw was your Mewtwo promo.
  7. o Iconz o

    o Iconz o New Member

    Ok so:

    My: Mewtwo EX Promo
    Your: Master Ball AS x2
    Scoop Up Cyclone x1
    The prices are pretty even. I can throw in a holo or something to even it out if needed.
  8. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    I just updated my list with a bunch of Holos, RHs and Trainers.
  9. ogremarauder

    ogremarauder New Member

    2 energy switch
    energy retrieval
    muscle band

    rh bicycle
    hypnotoxic laser
    Float stone

  10. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    Do you have any Skyla?
  11. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    Updated with older cards and Holos and RHs.
  12. SoldiersSpirit

    SoldiersSpirit New Member

    Could you do ...

    x1 Colress
    x1 Muscle Band
    x2 Energy Switch
    x1 pal pad
    x1 Energy Retreival


    x1 Garchomp C Lv. X
    x2 Garchomp C.
  13. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    Do you have any Skyla?
  14. ogremarauder

    ogremarauder New Member

    Not to trade, or I would kindly have offered. Sorry
  15. Sazandoring

    Sazandoring New Member

    i got colress Fa and Skyla Fa.

    Skyla FA

    Deoxys ex x2
    Lugia Ex
    Rainbow energy
  16. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    Thats a great offer man, but I just want regular BC Skyla.
  17. marijo90

    marijo90 Member

    Hello there mate, when you catch some time, would you like to check my list or my signature with binders and see if you need anything.

    Im interested in few cards:

    Black Kyurem EX (PLS)
  18. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    Hey Marijo, I watched your FF binder video and I didnt really see anything I need besides a couple of Supporters and Items. If you have any current format EX's then let me know.
  19. o Iconz o

    o Iconz o New Member

    Interested in Dragonite EX and Mega Heracross, I have 2 Beartics from FUF and an unlisted Genesect EX FA but it's one of my favorites so I will have to see your offer to include it.
  20. ragneg

    ragneg New Member

    Man, I would love to trade, but I'm not sure what else to offer. Are you interested in anything else I have?
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