RaiDaunt and CrawVile-Two decks, same goal

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dr. Mason, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    I played RaiDaunt(Blue Thunder) at BRs and did pretty well. Now, after looking at Weavile SW, I have a new deck to play. Here's both for ya, my contribution to the community and to player willing to take risks.

    RaiDaunt(Blue Thunder)-The List

    Pokemon 12

    2x Crawdaunt EX
    3x Corpish
    3x Raichu MT
    3x Pikachu MT
    1x Rayquaza EX d

    Trainers 29

    3x Castaway
    2x Stength Charm
    2x Buffer Piece
    2x Cessation Crystal
    2x TGW
    2x Bill's Maintenance
    1x Holon Mentor
    3x Windstorm
    3x Bebe's Search
    2x Lake Boundary
    2x Master Ball or Dusk Ball
    2x Quick Ball
    3x Night Maintenance

    Energy 19

    6 Water
    10 Lightning
    3 Boost

    This list is EXTREMELY TIGHT. Be careful in changing it, because even the smallest changes can shift the balance greatly.

    CrawVile(Shadowed Claw)-The List

    Pokemon 12

    2x Crawdaunt EX
    3x Corpish
    3x Weavile SW
    3x Sneasel SW or DP
    1x Vaporeon star

    Trainers 30

    3x Castaway
    2x Stength Charm
    2x Buffer Piece
    2x Cessation Crystal
    2x TGW
    2x Bill's Maintenance
    1x Holon Mentor
    4x Windstorm
    3x Bebe's Search
    2x Sidney's Stadium
    2x Master Ball or Dusk Ball
    2x Quick Ball
    3x Night Maintenance

    Energy 18

    5 Water
    4 Dark Special
    6 Dark Basic
    3 Boost

    The two lists' trainer setups are almost the same but vary in their chosen stadium card-RaiDaunt plays Lake Boundary(for Lightning and Water weaknesses), and CrawVile playes Sidney's(for getting out of special conditions)

    The Cards

    Crawdaunt EX

    Your main attacker for the deck, as solid as any. The power, Splash Back, is useful in situation but most of time when people realize you are playing the deck, they neglect to pay attention to it. The attack, Power Blow, is also nothing great on it's own, taking so long to charge up by itself, but with Raichu or Weavile, it's a beast.


    Raichu. Really great Pokemon. For no energy whatsoever, he can search the deck for two :lightning: energy attach it to any Pokemon. Bring this out to power up Crawdaunt, and it'ds usually a good idea to have a Buffer Piece or Cesssation Crystal attached to the guy, he's vulnerable there and you don't want to lose early prizes. The downside? He's weak to Fighting AND he has a retreat cost, making that free attack a lot less sweet.


    Oh, Weavile. While he doesn't have quite as much HP as Raichu, this guy makes up for it. He attaches :dark: instead, and with his power, he makes the active Dark type. What does this mean? Crawdaunt can gain 30 damage for each energy attached! With water and the four Darks, you already have 150 damage, enough to knock out almost anything, within as little as two turns, with NO DOWNSIDE.

    Rayquaza EX d

    For the Raichu variant. Play him if Crawdaunt dies and you only have a little enrgy left, great attacker that can clean up very quickly.

    Vaporeon star

    Good in both variants, but best used in the CrawVile deck due to space limitations. This guy can heal your Crawdaunt nice and easy, which he'll need to stay alive.


    REQUIRED. YOU NEED THIS CARD IN YOUR DECK. It can get you everything you need, the one water, strength charms, buffer pieces, cessations.... and another supporter.

    Bebe's Search

    Bebe's is for searching EXs, that's all it does. But it also can let you look for basics, if you need to.


    You NEED this too. Buffer Piece will eat you alive. But Cess is worse when using CrawVile, much worse. Rid yourself of them quickly.

    Night Maintenance

    Does this really need explanation? Get your energies and Pokes back of course!

    Boost Energy

    BAM!Can be attached to EXs, asnd provides 3 energy. Another 60 damage, just like that. You'd be crazy not to play it. great for overcoming metal energy resistence.

    The Strategy

    The strategy is short and simple, easy to understand, and works for both decks. Play your starter, Raichu or Weavile, first. Power up Crawdaunt ASAP, retreat, and go to town. If things get messy, bring up Rayquaza or heal the guy with Vaporeon star. Be careful though not to hesitate. For this deck, you must constantly be aggressive even if it mteans getting Knocked Out. Keep up the pressure and they'll break eventually.


    I have no match ups for CrawVile yet, but here are some for Raidaunt.

    vs. Infercatty 70-30

    Water weakness, low HP? Ha. Dead before you know it, unless they T1/2 you. As long as you don't start badly, you'll be fine.

    vs. Mario 60-40

    Early Lucarion hurts on Pikachu and Corpish, and if they play Lake Boundary, T1 is possible.

    vs. Empoloeon 60-40

    Crawdaunt just barely has the edge. If they play Lucario, prepare for tougher times, but if not, it's still pretty rough. Stay persistent and cut off sniping quickly, and you shoudl be alright. Make use of Raichu and Lake Boundary as well.

    vs. Blissey 50-50
    Ugh. Discounting a mulligan of 11 times I had at BRs, this usually goes pretty well. However it also depends on how fast you raise Raichu. Get him quick, and should be able to put Blissey down, but if they play Delcatty EX, watch out.

    vs. Electivire 40-60

    For the sole existence of this deck, I reccomend teching Blastoise d or Rayquaza d. Electivire is not prejudiced and can and will soundly exterminate you. However, if you can beat them down early, you should be alright. Avoid playing tools if at all possible.

    vs. Mirror 50-50

    Depends on the player, and how smart they are.

    I hope you enjoy this unofficial article on a deck I hope some people will use in the future.
  2. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    I think it's a cool deck. Here is what I don't like:

    3 Bebe- I think it needs to be four.

    2-2 Quick/Master Ball- I don't like the split very much... seems like you should play one or the other if you are only playing 4. If you can Mentor early, next turn you can Quick Ball for one of the evolutions, and Bebe for the other in the same turn. Seems like the play...

    1 Mentor- I know you don't need a full bench to work, but playing more Mentor ensures thinning your deck of basics, allowing your Quick Ball to get what you actually need, and gets your other Pokemon ready to follow the ones that get KO'd. 1 just scares me with nothing but Castaway to get it.

    2 Bill- This is your ONLY straight draw. I know your deck is more focused on simply getting your pokes out and using them to set you up, but you need draw to get to the WS, Boosts and Balls. I feel like it needs to be increased.

    3- Night Maintenance- Seems like overkill...

    You have a ton of energy... Drop some of that to make room.

    So ya, see if you think you need to change those up a little. I've obviously never played with it, I'm just going by our games. The things I mentioned are what I would change prior to testing it myself. GL and such.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2007
  3. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Both are good, but list2 why you only have 2 Crawdaunt?
  4. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    You only ever need 2. I have never needed, in any situation, more than 2.
  5. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    How essential is Windstorm in Raichu-Crawdaunt? You're using almost no powers or bodies (...Crawdaunt EX's power is situational, as you've said), and you're not playing anything that stadiums would be problematic for (nothing affected by Battle Frontier, Crystal Beach, or even Lake Boundary that much as Crawdaunt already has 2* weakness)

    I could see Warp Point being HIGHLY useful. You get Raichu out of being active. You kick a pokemon to the bench where Crawdaunt can bounce it back to hand. You can even disrupt Cessation Crystal if that is a priority.

    Admittedly, Windstorm is vital in Weavile, yes. But Raichu? Really?
  6. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    You will learn to hate Buffer Piece with every fiber of your soul.
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