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  1. superman123

    superman123 New Member

    4 castform
    1 ray ex
    4 pikachu
    2 raichu d
    2 raichu
    4 exeggcute
    2 exeggutor d
    1 gyarados
    22 pokemon

    4 mentor
    3 wager
    4 celios
    3 plus power
    2 cessation crystal
    3 mars
    1 hermit
    2 steven's
    1 winstorm
    24 trainers

    4 delta enegy
    4 dre
    2 scramble
    4 metal
    14 energy

    basic regular raieggs with gyarados tech for magmortar.cc stops alot of decks while raichu and eggs
    do their work.

    so what do you think

    open for sugestions, deck lists, and stategies.

  2. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    maybe run the metal magikarp for castform starts
    maybe run a couple holon legacy to cover some weakness and to chase away crystal beach
  3. Dennis Hawk

    Dennis Hawk New Member

    Metal Magikarp? What? MT Magikarp is the only one with flail, delta magikarp only has... fail.
  4. octillery49

    octillery49 New Member

    YAY RAIEGGS!!!:thumb::smile::clap:

    I Really like the Gyrados tech but the list could use some work, try this:

    4 Holons Castform
    4 Pikachu D
    4 Raichu D
    4 Exeggcute D
    4 Exeggutor D
    1 Magikarp (Non Delta so you can use the attacks)
    1 Gyrados

    4 Celios Network
    1Strength Charm
    1 Buffer Piece
    3 Cessation Crystal
    3 Holon Adventurer
    1 Team Galactics Wager
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 Roseannes Reasearch
    1 Scott
    2 Holon Legacy (Huge help in GG and Bannete Matchups)
    2 Night Maintenance

    4 Scramble (You could use three but I personally always use four)
    4 Double Rainbow energy
    4 Delta Rainbow
    4 Water

    For Strategies here are the some matchups:

    Magmortar 50/50
    You Have a chance but it's hard. Your Gyrados should help so try to set it up quick.
    Cess. Crystal slows them down alot but magmortar is just strong and can heal itself to.
    I've found that it's best to just go very agressive with mostly Eggs.

    Bannete 40/60
    The speed of Bannete and Crystal beach make this very hard but Holon Legacy helps
    and raichu can spread damage on all the support pokemon.

    GG 30/70
    Both Gardevoir and Gallade can easily one hit knockout your pokemon.
    Holon legacy makes it harder for Gardevoir to do it but it is still a very hard matchup.

    Blissey 50/50(Average)
    Depends on the variant and the number of Holon Energy FF.

    Hurricane 70/30
    Cessation Crystal shuts down the powers it relys on so much, and Raieggs is MUCH
    faster then it.

    Electivire Variants 80/20
    Pretty much the same as above but Electivire is Weak against Eggs and
    You can also zzapp every stage of Electivire and prevent Elekid from evolving.

    Also would you mind if I try the Gyrados tech out in my Raieggs?
    Hope this helps.smile:
  5. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    I don't understand why the above list has 16 energy, 4 Castform...and only 4 Roseanne's/Mentor for basic grabbing. Without Transciever don't you want to run like 4 Mentor and maybe 3 Roseanne's? And the reason I brought up energy count: Holon's Castform is technically energy too. So in essence you're running 20 energy, which is a LOT.

    And IMHO this is not the play when the GG matchup is 30-70 at best and your other most played matchups aren't in your favor.
  6. octillery49

    octillery49 New Member

    I actually miscounted the energy list should look like this:
    4 Scramble
    2 Double Rainbow
    4 Delta rainbow
    4 water

    And also you need to have more basic energy
    then in last format because you don't have Holons Magnemite anymore.
    Adding more basic grabing cards slows down the deck you need room for more draw and search trainers.

    I agree 100% but when you don't have the money to build another deck you make due with what
    you have. Besides, Raieggs is just a fun deck to play in my opinion.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2008
  7. superman123

    superman123 New Member

    great list but i think i might need some more mentor or roseanne's to make sure I get a start.
    and what about a 1d-1 line of ninetaless for gg


    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Why the water energy?:confused:

    I understand what you are talking about. I thinking anbout teching in some ER2:cool:
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2008
  8. octillery49

    octillery49 New Member

    I can understand that I guess, I've always found that number to work well though.

    Sounds great, another one I would like to try out.

    So you can get basic energy with Roseanne/Castaway and for gyrados.
  9. superman123

    superman123 New Member

  10. octillery49

    octillery49 New Member

    How did the deck work out for you?
  11. slayer_chaos

    slayer_chaos New Member

    You need to drop the DRE and max out on Holon Legacy. You'll have enough energy with the castform, you should also take out the water and put in 2 metal/2 fight.
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