Raikou Speed spread

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by arcane, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. arcane

    arcane New Member

    I'd figure I'd post this deck
    Here's the list:

    4 Cannea CG
    4 Cacturne d
    2 raikou SW
    2 Rayquaza d ex
    1 absol ex
    1 mantine d

    Trainers (29)
    3 Castaway
    3 Roseanne's research
    3 steven's advice
    3 professor oak's visit
    4 quick ball
    4 celios network
    2 strength charms
    1 amulet coin
    2 warp point
    2 windstorm
    2 crystal beach

    Energy (17)
    11 lightning
    3 fighting
    3 multi

    Basically start with cacnea and attach a fighting or multi use call for family to grab a raikou first. Whenever you can, you then play roseannes (get a ray ex) to grab lightning energy. Since some of your basics are taken from your deck already use quick ball (or celios if needed) and set up a cacturne d. From there you attach 1 lightning per turn on raikou and add one more damage with cacturn's spike storm and then do 10 damage to 3 others with cacturne d's triple needle. You repeat until caturn is koed and u send up either fully powered raikou or ray ex with only 1 energy and snipe at their essentials. Absol ex works well with cacturne d's triple needle. Mantine d is a tech mostly as a strength charm type of deal with raikou. Warp points in case i start off with another poke other than cacnea.

    I mostly posted this deck cause right now it does horrible to Magmortar, and surprisingly okay against gallade despite its weaknesses, I would like some help to improve this deck against Mag mostly, gallade too though...

    I was also thinking of pachy to set up (also to get rid of any cess crystals), any ideas?
  2. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    this deck will have to be really speedy. if not, it's an auto-loss to G&G.
  3. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Cool deck, I would switch the 4-4 caturne for Cloyster from Sw i think it is. For 2 energy 1 water 1 colorless Flip 4 coins. for each heads choose any of your oppoenents pokemon and do 20 dmg to it.. It would work nicely in a spread deck.. But one problem I see is it not hitting for enough. I would try to fit in a hard hitter like flygon ex D or something..

    Oh ya, Amphroas is a very nice spreader too.
  4. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    - line of Cacturne
    +line of cloyster SW

    cloyster is a monster
  5. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    What about Prinplup instead?
  6. arcane

    arcane New Member

    I like the cloyster idea, but it reduce the speed quite a bit, (can't use cacnea's call for family, have to spend an extra energy drop on cloyster which could be used for raikou spreading)

    but it does improve the matchup against mags greatly though
  7. silenth

    silenth New Member

    i like the cloyster idea for dmg spread and could do well again mag, depends on how u like flipping
    maybe -1absol -mantine +1shellder+1cloyster
  8. arcane

    arcane New Member

    the absol's almost a necessity with the spread of 10 damage everywhere,

    prinplup seems similar to cacturne d, 10 damage all around, also let's me do 40 on one

    I was just thinking of octillery also. It does require 2 energies and brings me back a turn in speed, but it helps against gallade's with DRE too...If i go with it'd probably drop absol ex too, idk
  9. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Absol ex is a must though IMO, after spreading all the dmg and you want to knock out a biggy that has 4 dmg counter left, just lay an absol ex, then use cress levl x....

    Heres an Idea I was thinking for a spread deck:

    3-2-3 Ampharoas Sw
    4 pachirisu
    2 rayquazza ex d
    2-2 cressilia lvl x
    1 absol ex

    That pokemon line would be weird to run but I think it might work, get an ampharoas out as fast as possible using the help of pachi, then let ur opponenet kill them self.. start sniping with rayquazza ex, then use cress level x to move dmg around, and absol ex to move dmg around for knockouts.. Then use cress lvl x to get 2+ prizes for each knock out! You would just need to run some multi energy for the 2 diffrent types.. maybe not even.
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