Ramen Truk (DP-on)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mrdraz07, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Seems like this could be a solid choice now that Plox isn't around to lock Stance and OHKO Blissey.

    3-3 Blissey
    3-2/2 Lucario DP/Lv. X (Riolu DP)
    2-2 Claydol
    1 Chatot

    4 Bebe's Search
    2 Stark Mountain
    4 Felicity's Drawing
    4 Buck's Training
    4 Roseanne's
    4 SSU
    2 TSD
    3 Warp Point

    4 Call
    11 Fighting

    Strategy: TRUK-roll them.

    lol j/k
    Any start is OK in the deck, and they all get better with Call. Claydol is for draw power. Set up Blissey or Lucario for attacking. The interesting part is what happens when one of your attackers is near a KO.

    Scenario 1: Blissey has low HP but lots of energy. Use Stark Mt. to move an energy to Lucario, then SSU, play another energy, and attack.

    Scenario 2: Lucario/Lv. X has low HP, and you have Lucario on the bench. Stark Mt. an energy over, SSU, attach energy, level up and beat down.

    Scenario 3: Lucario/Lv. X has low HP and you have a Blissey on the bench. Retreat Lucario then SSU, and attack with Blissey to get the energy back that you discarded for retreat.

    Before the bashing starts, I'm well aware that Stark doesn't move energy to Blissey. I originally did try Regirock in here but without Energy Link to move the energy to Blissey there just wasn't enough synergy.

    I think something like this could do well come Battle Roads. High HP + SSU will be a problem for decks like Kingdra, Froslass and TurnCruel to take care of, and a Stance loop can give problems to big attack decks like Magnezone, Luxray, Leafeon, Magmortar and AMU. Going aggro with either attacker by turn 2 can give slower set up decks big problems.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. ragingphantom

    ragingphantom New Member

    hahahaha they warp point you there goes the stance
    swampblissrock can move enrgies to bliss FYI
    awesome name btw. and what if you get adam g's luck and get tails on all SSU's ?
    WHAT NOW!?:lol:
    other wise seems like a good strat.
    -1 felicity
    +1 stark
    -1 bebe
    -1 felicity
    +2 NM
    more stark = better strat
  3. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    1. They had to burn a Warp Point to deal with me instead of disrupt me, so it's all good.
    2. Energy Link >>>> Swampert. I can wait.
    3. Sad panda on all tails for SSU :( You don't lose if you get tails on the flips, it's just that deck gets really good if you flip heads on them. High risk, high reward.

    Those fixes sound OK. I'd be more inclined to cut the 4th Roseanne's than 2 Felicity's, though. It lets you draw without having Claydol, and your priority is t2 Blissey or Lucario, so Claydol might not get online for a while.
  4. ragingphantom

    ragingphantom New Member

    i know that SSU is really REALLY helpful. im just mentioning WCS (worst case scenario)
    i just mentioned swampy as another tech/deck idea
    energylink=more agility for vire X. but other then that its an awesome card
    (but who in their right mind plays vire X lol)
    but i agree. would dropping one felicity a roseanne and a bebe be good?
    hahaha this deck can/will pwn kingdra so bad
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