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  1. Quatra

    Quatra New Member

    This is my Stepsons Deck. He asked me to post it and see what you thought of it.
    Pokemon 18

    3x Rampardos MT
    3x Cranidos MT
    3x Skull Fossil MT
    1x Infernape MD
    2x Infernape DP
    3x Monferno MD
    1x Chimchar DP
    2x Chimchar MD

    Trainers 23
    1x Super Scoop Up
    1x Speed Stadium
    1x Professor Rowan
    1x Copycat
    3x Leftovers
    2x Roseanne's Research
    2x Rare Candy
    2x Switch
    4x Night Pokemon Center
    2x Night Maintenance
    2x Warp Point
    2x Energy Restore

    Energy 19
    2x Boost Energy
    8x Fighting Energy
    9x Fire energy
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