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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Shellshock929, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Shellshock929

    Shellshock929 <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    This will be the official Rate my Team Thread. You post one team that you're working on, or a team you've already made on here, and check for responses. If you feel the need to criticize, keep it positive. Here is a team I Might be working on:

    Spiritomb W/Leftovers
    Careful Nature (252 ATK, 252 SD, 6 HP)
    Sucker Punch
    Pain Split

    This Spiritomb is used to annoy other Pokemon. I use Will-O-Wisp because I want to at least have a Pokemon that burns in this team. Pain split is for semi-healing. I will use taunt to take advantage of Sucker Punch.

    Salamence w/Muscle Band
    Adamant/Jolly Nature (252 ATK, 252 SPD, 6 HP)
    Dragon Dance
    Aerial Ace/Dragon Claw
    Thunder Fang/Fire Fang

    Basic Dragon Dance Salamence. Aerial Ace and Dragon Claw are two choices for a STAB move, while Thunder/Fire Fang is used for anything weak to those types. Earthquake is here for attacking all non-Flying/Levitating Pokemon.

    Umbreon w/Lum Berry
    Calm (252 SD, 252 DEF, 6 HP)
    Double Team
    Baton Pass

    A Basic Double Teaming Umbreon. Since Spiritomb has Will-o-Wisp, I've decided to have Toxic on Umbreon. Again, another Taunter, but this time, I would use Double Team as many times to Baton Pass to something.

    Metagross w/King's Rock/Razor Fang
    Adamant (252 ATK, 252 DEF, 6 HP)
    Meteor Mash/Zen Headbutt/Brick Break

    AgilityGross, it explodes as well. I would choose between Meteor Mash or Zen Headbutt for STAB. If it doesn't suit me well enough, or if there are Blisseys around, then Brick Break is there. Earthquake for Double Battles and such.

    Electivire W/Choice Scarf
    Adamant (252 ATK, 252 SPD, 6 HP)
    Fire Punch
    Ice Punch
    Earthquake/Brick Break

    Choice Scarfing Sweeping Electivire. It's self explanatory.

    Starmie w/Chice Specs
    Timid (252 SA, 252 SPD, 6 HP)
    Surf/Grass Knot
    Psychic/Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam

    Choice Specs Starmie. So Versatile, but the choices can be tough as to which moves are the best for it.

    This is an example of how one would post their teams here. Please use descriptions for your Pokemon.

  2. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Alright, I'll post a 2 Pokemon combo I'm trying to make:

    Kyogre w/Salac Berry
    Modest (252 SDF, 252 DEF, 6 HP)
    Psych Up
    Ice Beam/Thunder

    Manaphy w/Brightpowder
    Calm (252 SDF, 252 DEF, 6 HP)
    Skill Swap
    Tail Glow
    Acid Armor

    Basically, you use Skill Swap to give Kyogre Hydration, thus making Kyogre a beastly Uber. Then Manaphy uses Acid Armor and Tail Glow, and Kyogre uses Psych Up. When Kyogre's HP is low, Salac Berry activates, and Kyogre's HP becomes full. Then it sweeps. gg
  3. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    Use Cross Chop over Fire Punch on Electrivire and hand Starmie's specs over to Salamence to give it the SpecsMence moveset of Dragon pulse, Draco meteor, flamethrower and hydro pump. Starmie will make better use out of Expert belt and possibly rapid spin so Salamence is not hurt by Stealth rock.
  4. garsh0p

    garsh0p New Member

    aerial ace is generally not a good idea on ddmence, as it still only hits 90 BP after STAB. you're gonna be using dragon claw against everything except steels and heracross. i would use fire blast for skarmory. i think it does more than fire fang.
  5. Dark_Fyre

    Dark_Fyre New Member

    on spiritomb: spiritomb is a wall, not much of a sweeper
    give him a bold nature, max out his defence and hp, and give him the following move set

    calm mind
    dark pulse
    pain split

    once you use one calm mind, ur gonna have one heck of a tank on ur hands

    blissey: blissey is best at either bieng a special wall, or a calm sweeper

    calm mind
    thunder bolt
    ice beam
    soft boiled

    try that out

    my team
    Bold 252 hp 252 def 6 sp at

    Calm Mind
    Ice Beam
    typical calmcune setup, send him out, calm mind, and sweep
    the max def and def boost nature is to make him a complete wall
    this is usually my starter

    Timid 252 spd 252 sp att 6 hp
    Kings Rock
    Air Slash
    Aura Sphere
    Thunder Wave
    paraflinch togekiss
    use thunderwave, then air slash to deal damage and make it difficult for your opponent to get off an attack

    Adamant 252 att 252 spd 6 hp
    Choice Scarf
    Aqua Tail
    Fire Punch
    switch in, kill something faster than your opponent could see coming, and get out ASAP

    Adamant 252 att 252 spd 6 hp
    Muscle Band
    Metaor Mash
    Thunder Punch
    typical agilitygross
    agility, and sweep
    thunder punch is to make it difficult to wall this guy with a bulky water type (the main counter he sees)

    Modest 252 sp att 252 spd 6 hp
    Wise Glasses
    Nasty Plot
    Focus Blast
    special sweeper. just nasty plot and whipe everything away

    Adamant 252 att 252 spd 6 hp
    Choice Band
    Giga Impact
    Stone Edge
    Fire Punch
    similar to the hyperking in the third gen games, this is a gigaking
    choice band giga impact hurts alot (150 base+STAB+band boost=317 base power)
    his other moves are for what might wall him

    thoughts, comments?

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