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    Hold it, that can't possibly be the case. Mothim specifically states it "Evolves from Burmy". Just plain Burmy. If Burmy Plant Cloak was considered its name, it can't evolve into Mothim since Mothim evolves from "Burmy", not "Burmy Plant Cloak" or anything along those lines, unless Mothim stated all three Burmy variations and not just "Burmy".

    And there's also the case of the font of the cardname in the top left. Stuff like "Trash Cloak" and "West Sea" are not the same font as the rest of the Pokémon's names. Simply put, it reads "Burmy Sandy Cloak", not "Burmy Sandy Cloak". It's not the same as in the case of the Unowns, where the name is of the same font size as the rest.

    Furthermore, it was ruled here that Pokédex HANDY910is is to be treated as if its name was Pokédex. HANDY910is is in the same font size as "East Sea", yet the former was judged not to be part of the name and the latter was.

    I'm convinced that the actual names of the cards in question are "Burmy", "Wormadam", "Shellos", and "Gastrodon", and that prints that say that stuff such as "Burmy Sand Cloak" being its name are errors, and as such, you can't have 4 Plant Cloak and 4 Sandy Cloak Burmy in your deck.
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    1. Mothim will evolve from any Burmy. Wormadam Plant Cloak only evolves from Burmy Plant Cloak.

    2. I wasn't familiar with BDS's ruling on that topic. (I don't do a lot of rulings on older cards - I'll have to do some research, as I'm mostly familiar with cards released in the last 5 years.)

    3. They are not errors. However, if you want to only include 4 Gastrodon in your deck of any type - that's fine. Keep in mind though, that other players are allowed to play with 4 Gastrodon East Sea and 4 Gastrodon West Sea in their decks.
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    I reviewed the discussion we had around that Pokedex ruling, and you are not comparing these questions fairly. The focus of the discussion on Pokedex was whether the old Base Set ones were the same as the new ones, largely for the purpose of allowing the old version to be used, considering the new ones as a rerelease of the card. Along those lines we said yes, the card was the same, and so you could not use 4 of each.

    Now if you asked the question in a different way, focusing on the font style and extra text, you might get a slightly different answer, but we never really came at it from that angle. Therefore, I wouldn't base my argument for the Burmy, Wormadam, Shellos and Gastrodon versions being the same on that ruling.


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