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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Z3d0nius, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Z3d0nius

    Z3d0nius New Member

    Allright so I have a lot of good pokemon in this deck but I need to know which will matter the most.

    3 Wailmer GE
    3 Wailord GE
    2 Lapras GE
    2 Phione Evolution wish
    2 Natu SW
    2 Xatu SW
    2 Unown G
    2 Magikarp
    2 Gyrados Dragon DNA one
    2 Jigglypuff
    2 Wigglytuff

    Thats 24 pokemon but I need to slim it down and I dont want to take Gyrados out because that will make everything revolve around wailord which I dont want to happen so any suggestions on the others would be apprecitated.
  2. Grinning_Gengar

    Grinning_Gengar New Member

    I am thinking the Jiggly/Wiggly and Lapras can go, there are trainers that can do what you have them teched in for. Potions and leftovers will remove more damage then Wailords Pokebody, and Dawn Staduim and Double full heal can help on the special conditions. Scott and castaway to get the trainers.
    I think some call Energy and another Phione and another Unknown G.
  3. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    - 2 lapras
    - 2 unown g

    you dont need unown g since you have wigglytuff
    and with wigglytuff you can sleep your opponent after wailord sleeps itself

    ya i confused myself ahaha
    you dont need wigglytuff because wailord sleeps itself and you can transfer it with xatu
    so take out wigglytuff too
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  4. Z3d0nius

    Z3d0nius New Member

    I think I need Unnown to have more power over using my wailords sleep effect so I can keep myself awake whenever I need to I dont think with Xatu's power u can double put someone asleep,or can u.
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