Reimbursement for Driving/Parking

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by swanton1717, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    The paperwork that talks about reimbursement for driving to origins is very vague and just says you will receive checks at the event.

    Do you need to keep gas receipts and turn them over to Pokemon, what information will you need to give to them, and when/where exactly will the reimbursement checks be given out?

  2. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    If you won a "totally paid" trip, I think it's only flight and hotel... I'm decidedly not positive about that, though.
  3. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    It's by milage and there is a limit on how many miles. I don't recall off hand the number.
    They just need to know where you're coming from, which they already do, and that you are driving.
  4. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    Will these reimbursement checks be given out at the same time/place that the States Travel Allowance will be administered?

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