Reshiram EX, Zekrom EX, and 2 new trainers

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  1. lol_of_time

    lol_of_time New Member

    Reshiram EX HP 180

    Shining Claw: :fire::colorless::colorless: 50+

    Flip a coin if heads this attack does additional 30 more damage to the defending pokemon.

    Brave Fire: :fire::fire::colorless::colorless: 150

    Flip a coin if tails, Reshiram EX does 50 damage to itself

    3 Retreat Cost

    Zekrom EX HP 180

    Shining Claw: :lightning::colorless::colorless: 50+

    Flip a coin if heads this attack does additional 30 more damage to the defending pokemon.

    Strong Volt: :lightning::lightning::colorless::colorless: 150

    Flip a coin if tails, discard 2 energies attached from Zekrom EX.

    3 Retreat Cost

    Ultra Ball:
    Discard 2 cards from your hand and select one pokemon card from your deck and put it in your hand. Then shuffle your deck afterwords.

    Random Receiver:
    Reveal your top card of your deck until you hit a supporter, then put that supporter card into your hand. Then shuffle your deck afterwords.

    The starter deck also comes with 4 Junipers, 4 Cheren, 2 N, 2 DCE, and 2 Pokemon Catcher (Different Art Juniper, Cheren, and N) which is nice and might be one of the best starter deck that Japan have ever released.

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  2. eriknance

    eriknance New Member

    ultra ball's pretty neat and makes jirachi a bit more playable in some cases. random receiver is really, really good under the right circumstances (play a deck with pokeballs to get out Pokemon then run juniper to ensure heavy draw with every receiver played).

    the zekrom and reshiram are okay, not really impressed which is fine.

    the starter deck will probably never see its way out of japan (sadly).
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  3. Obsidius

    Obsidius New Member

    Zekrom and Reshiram are pretty neat. Happy that they aren't overpowered without the right partner.

    Ultra ball can be very good with decks that love discarding but is there a need for more playable Pokeball cards. The others seemingly outclass this one in most other current/future decks (i.e Level and Heavy),

    Random Receiver could potentially become a staple depending on what happens to the cards you reveal. Are they shuffled back in or discarded? if its the latter, then might as well stick to Pokegear or that new Transceiver(maybe).
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    So Zek and Reshi second attack drawback effect is opposite of the BW one? Oh well...Really wish it would be other way around so I can tech that Reshiram EX in Tyram, just so I can beat Emboar bulky HP nicely...
  5. Sevus

    Sevus New Member

    Reshiram EX has a fair chance to replace its normal version in Reshiram decks, especially given both its attacks can use Double Colorless Energy. The potential 50 damage recoil hurts, but for 150 damage, you have a good chance of coming up even on prizes at least.

    I actually like Ultra Ball, no restrictions, just trade 2 cards you don't need or can't use for a Pokémon you need right now. Obviously, if Level Ball or Heavy Ball work better for your deck, use those instead, but it's pretty nice.

    Random Reciever is an interesting take on fixing Holon Tranciever. Assuming the cards get shuffled back into your deck, that's pretty cool.
  6. mevans

    mevans New Member

    eh im not the biggest fan of them...i like that ultra ball alot tho
  7. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    The Pokemon arent overpowered, which surprises the heck out of me. Both trainers are really good though.
  8. StormFront

    StormFront New Member

    Reshiram and Zekrom are disapointing IMO. Takee too much energy for too little damage, Ultra Ball is interesting when paired with Jirachi, and random reciever will make draw based supporter decks more playable, as well as getting more consistent starts.
  9. Tash

    Tash New Member

    Victini makes ReshiramEX kind of ridiculous.
  10. espeon200

    espeon200 New Member

    Victini makes a lot of things ridiculous, but Catcher makes Victini ridiculous.
  11. otarolgam

    otarolgam New Member

    ReshiFliptiniEX! lol
  12. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Which Jirachi are people talking about?

    edit: Oh, I see. Discard 2 psychic and go grab Jirachi to perhaps bring it back into play with it's Poke-Power.
  13. Maverick Nate

    Maverick Nate New Member

    Well, of course they won't be as overpowered as the previous EX's released. These ones come two to a deck. The other ones come randomly in packs. They don't want some fantastic card available for a simple purchase, even if it is Japan.
  14. Raen

    Raen New Member

    Hmmm. . . well, I don't really like the EXs. Self damage is never fun, particularly when you give up 2 prizes when knocked out. Which means that, so far, I don't like any EX at all, except maybe Mewtwo. Interesting.

    As for the trainers, I like both of them a lot. Receiver will certainly be replacing PokeGear in a lot of decks, I think, or it will be run along with it.
  15. K2theAblaM

    K2theAblaM New Member

    Eviolite on Reshiram EX, Victini Teched, Energy Acceleration AND double Colorless support.

    150 Damage and 180 HP on a basic with all that support sounds really, really good on paper so far.

    Emboar isn't going anywhere, the ability one anyways. Attack emboar will be replaced with Reshiram EX easily.

    I wish NA got battle decks like japan. There's absolutely no support for competitive/more advanced players in the form of products offered. Outside of trading, we're left with buying singles and boosters for the cards we need. The HGSS trainer decks were decent, with Collectors and all but this series looks to really isolate higher level players.

    Oh, and the art on these 2 EX's are sick. Actually all the EX arts look amazing so far. I hope they get translated into english with all the bells and whistles like card texture and holo effects.
  16. lol_of_time

    lol_of_time New Member

    I'll try to post both starter deck's full deck list and try to translate some of the minor new Pokemon cards in there after class when I get the time. Sadly I can't really get a scan of every card because it's in a web thing like our tcg online, Japan is allowing to try those two starter decks to play through their official web site so, the only way I can get scans of all the cards in the deck will b by screen saving the images but that's just too much effort.
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  17. K2theAblaM

    K2theAblaM New Member

    Here's some photos I capped from the website posted.

    Reshiram EX & Zekrom EX


    Juniper Alternate Art


    Cheren Alternate Art:

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  18. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    All the translations and images for the decks are on Serebii

    Hopefully they are accurate
  19. lol_of_time

    lol_of_time New Member

    I read the ENG translation and read the Japanese text on some of the cards, and looks accurate so far to me.

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  20. TheRolesWePlay

    TheRolesWePlay New Member

    Assuming that these translations are correct, I gotta say I'm pleased. They aren't overly broken, but they are still going to see quite a bit of play, if as nothing else as techs to beat some of the new really heavy EXs.

    Ultra ball is really nice, especially now that Luxury Ball is gone, kinda like a Junk Arm plus a Luxury ball. Random Receiver will be a good alternative to Xtransceiver when it comes out.

    Also I like how they switched up the negative effects for the EXs, and didn't just make them more powerful prints of the others.
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