Review: The Cardigans "First Band on the Moon"

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    Yes, yes, gather 'round chil'ren, it's time for another review!

    Although it's been about 6 years since this was released, I figured it was about time to write something about it. :rolleyes:

    The first few tracks start out happy, nearly dance-like, but quickly slips into a state of depression, then the feel-good vibe starts again thanks to "Lovefool," and ends just as it began- happy, feel-good, almost mellow. This Scandinavian pop-rock band add some rather odd elements (a flute, etc.), but it only helps add the emotion that the lead singer lacks. "Lovefool" was this band's one-hit wonder, and is possibly the best track on the album; also, a cover of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" is featured (blasphamy?).

    Overall, groovy album. I recommend it for lazy Sundays, partys, and just anytime you happen to get bored.

    Report Card: B

    (I like keeping things concise. Page 547 says so. ;) )
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