Rikku Really wants Gardevoir lv.X so BADLY.

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Rikku, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Rikku

    Rikku New Member

    Hello Everybody,as the title says, I REALLY need gardevoir lv.x

    1.NO spamming.
    2. ALL pokegym's forum rule apply.
    3. ALL my cards are in PERFECT MINT CONDITION
    4. So,I expect your card is in mint condition too.
    5. I live in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia,so I expect people from there will trade with me.
    6. When sending that card to me,please put it in a sleeve.
    7. I will only trade with you if you follow all my rules.
    8. Please,I take this serious,I really need gardevoir lv.X
    9. if you need any information regarding your trade/my trade,feel free to PM me.
    10. Please,please trade...I really need this card to complete my set and it is for my deck.
    11. A very thank you if you willing to trade..
    12. I will really post that card to you,so dont lie to me please....
    13. and all my cards are in english.

    ok here it is:

    Only Gardevoir lv.X (D/p SECRET WONDERS) x1 *SO BADLY*



    Sharpedo ex (ex deoxys)
    Registeel ex (ex emerald)
    Banette ex ( ex legend maker)
    Rockets's Moltres ex (ex team rocket)
    Honchrow lv.X (D/P Secret Wonders)

    Lugia (DP Secret wonders) x2
    Salamence (DP SW) x3
    Pidgeot (DP SW) x2
    Roserade (DP SW) x2
    Weavile (DP SW) x2 (reverse holo and a normal one)
    Mew (DP SW) x2 (holo and reverse holo)
    Ho-Oh (DP SW) x4
    Arcanine (DP SW) x2
    Palkia (DP1) x many
    Snorlax (DP1) x1
    Rhyperioir (DP1) x1
    Luxray (DP1) x2
    Skuntank (DP1) x2
    Azelf (D/P Mysterious Treasures) x1
    Crobat (DP MT) x1
    dewgong (DP MT) x1

    Uncommon and common:
    Just ask me.

    Just ask me.

    so,can anyone trade it with me?

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  2. cool-dude32

    cool-dude32 New Member

    No selling or buying allowed in the trade forum. Thank You, evil psyduck
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  3. Rikku

    Rikku New Member

    ok everyone,NO SELLING IN THIS THREAD.please,I really want gardy lv.X,so can anyone trade it with me?
  4. kristi

    kristi New Member

    CML for rockets moltres ex
  5. Rikku

    Rikku New Member

    what is CML?

    You want to trade your gardevoir lv.X for my rockets moltres ex?
  6. KamikazE

    KamikazE New Member

    CML=Check my list..
    Check my list for your honchkrow X

  7. Rikku

    Rikku New Member

    I only want Gardevoir lv.X...

    so,you wanna trade your gardevoir lv.X for my honchrow lv.X?

    I am willing to trade my honchrow lv.X for it.
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