Rock Band Wireless Fender Guitar Controller (XBOX 360)

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by zman22674, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. zman22674

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    Well, finally, Rock Band and EA have released the much anticipated Wireless Fender Guitar Controller. I got my 360 version and I had to submit an RMA within minutes for a replacement. It seems they are having major production issues with these with the tilt sensor inside (to activate Overdrive) not working well, or even at all. I had twisted and turned mine upside down, backwards, shaking, and all different ways and and NEVER once did the tilt sensor activate Overdrive. I had to keep pressing the "Back" button and that is not an easy thing to do while playing a song like "Enter Sandman" on Hard or Expert and in the middle of a major riff line. I really wish Harmonix and EA would get their quality control situated and start random inspection testing on these things to make sure they function. First it was the down/up strum on the first set of wired ones and drums breaking or not responding and now the wireless ones having this issue. Arghhhh.


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