Rocket Returns Prerelease-Cedar Grove,NJ-October 30th

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  1. Hi everyone,

    The rocket returns prerelases hit another NJ hot spot. Cedar Grove has got the nod for thier prerelease.

    Date: October 30th,2004

    Price: $15.00

    Registration: 11am-12pm

    Start time: 1:00 pm

    Location: Time warner comics and games,
    555 Pompton Ave
    Cedar Grove,NJ

    Organizer: Jim Williamson

    This prerelease is always be blast with great head judges and players from all states including NJ coming to compete.

    I dont know if the store is gonna do a bump on prize support but i do know the winner in each age group gets a trophy and additional boosters.

    Nintendo has pormised all participants to get 4 boosters,2 pop series one pack and a promo for entering. I know JoeBass and jim always put a good raffle on at thier prerelease events so be prepared for the fun of that this time.

    There is a pizzaria next store and the store is easy to locate in the heart of cedar grove. There is a mall a few miles down with grest retaurants for anyone who is hungry before the evnt. They have a pizzaria uno restaurant mcdonalds,tgi fridays and more inside.

    So for all who are looking the the weekend prereleases around NJ come down to cedar grove for all the fun of the Rocket Returns Prerelease and support time warner games.
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  2. EternalFire

    EternalFire New Member

    Eh, heh...
    3 things.

    First: I'll be there. :D
    Second: It's called "TIME WARP" not (warner) :)
    Third: Don't forget about my pre the day after ;)
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  3. CubanX87

    CubanX87 New Member

    I'll definately be going. One question, what time does registration for the tourney start?
  4. What i know is the pop packs given per registration was 2. Thats why i put 1-2 because i wasent sure.

    Yes its timewarp which i made a mistake on. (sorry) :p

    The reistration is placed on the top post now so there is no confusion. sorry for that

    Sadely its only a 25% chance ill be there due to events i cant change that i may need to be home for.

    I know ill be in milford nomatter what but besides that the rest of the events i planeed being at are still up in the air.
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