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Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Sensei, Jun 14, 2004.

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    me thinks that tis be my vileplume. if so then that is the totodile that won like a the entire tourny. Ah oh do i dare say the return of FERALIGATR. LOL sigh too bad the gatr line isnt in the set nor in the next set. *cries*
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    My apologies. I`ve been real busy as of late. I will get the results up by the end of the weekend.

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    OK everyone. here`s the results. My apologies for being a tad late but I`ve had 1000 things to get done...0-o

    A huge thanks to all the players for being great sports once again and also to Dave, Brian and Wendy for your superb help! The event was a fun one and we can`t wait for the next! We had 42 people overall, and had a few people drop in both the TDC( the others incorporated into the main event) and the 11-14, so the stats #`s below will seem different.


    Overall Attendance

    42 Players

    10- : 4
    11-14 : 17
    15+ : 15
    TDC : 6 (2 each of the age groups)

    Overall Results

    1st) Mike P
    2nd) Christian S
    3rd) Jeremy S
    4th) Emily K
    5th) Mahir M
    6th) Alex S
    7th) Benjamin R
    8th) David A
    9th) Bradley R
    10th) Mike R
    11th) Ryan H
    12th) Jonathan V
    13th) Anik C
    14th) David C
    15th) Anshul S
    16th) Arron S
    17th) Brett M
    18th) Summer M
    19th) Timothy F
    20th) Chris B
    21st) James V
    22nd) Melody A
    23rd) Javier S
    24th) Kim V
    25th) Erika L
    26th) Jonathan A
    27th) Steven F
    28th) Joe F
    29th) Leah H
    30th) Laura K
    31st) Jonathan D
    32nd) Collin H
    33rd) Brian H
    34th) Kaycee M
    35th) Eric B
    36th) Spencer M

    Overall Results 15+

    1st) Mike P
    2nd) Christian S
    3rd) Emily K
    4th) Mahir M
    5th) Brett M
    6th) Summer M
    7th) Timothy F
    8th) Chris B
    9th) Javier S
    10th) Kim V
    11th) Jonathan A
    12th) Joe F
    13th) Leah H
    14th) Laura K
    15th) Eric B

    Overall Results 11-14

    1st) Jeremy S
    2nd) Alex S
    3rd) David A
    4th) Mike R
    5th) Ryan H
    6th) Jonathan V
    7th) Anik C
    8th) David C
    9th) Anshul S
    10th) James V
    11th) Melody A
    12th) Erika L
    13th) Steven F
    14th) Jonathan D
    15th) Collin H
    16th) Brian H
    17th) Spencer M
    18th-19th) 2 drops

    Overall Results 10-

    1st) Benjamin R
    2nd) Bradley R
    3rd) Arron S
    4th) Kaycee M


    6 players. 4 dropped after 1st round lunch.


    • Nintendo/PUI for the really cool cards!
    • The Judge/help staff: Dave, Brian & Wendy. You guys and gal were totally awesome!! Great job and many thanks!!!
    • The players. Every single one of you were all great sports and did great! Good job to you all!
    • The parents. Thanx for bringing the players so they could have a fun time playing Pokemon with everyone. For those that don`t play, I invite you to learn the game as with the other playing Pokeparents so you can join in on the fun too!


    • All that couldn`t make it! ;) :p ( you missed a great and fun event!) :cool:

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